Best High Tea in Savannah Georgia

best high tea in savannah georgia

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Ahoy, tea enthusiasts and curious wanderers! Ready to embark on a delightful journey through Savannah, Georgia’s most charming high tea spot? Buckle up, because we’re about to uncover the secrets of teatime elegance and tantalizing treats that will make even the Queen envious.

Picture this: dainty cups, the gentle clinking of teaspoons, and an air thick with the aroma of freshly steeped leaves. High tea isn’t just a meal; it’s a decadent experience, and Savannah knows how to serve it up in style.

We’re venturing into the heart of Savannah’s high tea scene, where historic charm meets modern sophistication. From tucked-away treasures to grandeur-filled salons, we’ll spill the tea on the best places to indulge your inner aristocrat.

So, whether you’re a local looking to raise your pinky or a traveler seeking a taste of Savannah’s genteel hospitality, join us as we navigate the crème de la crème of high tea. Get ready to sip, savor, and be steeped in awe! 🍵✨

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best high tea in savannah georgia
best high tea in Savannah, georgia

Gryphon Tea Room

Step into a time capsule at Gryphon Tea Room, a haven where the past and present intertwine. Housed in a restored 1926 apothecary, this enchanting establishment invites you to a teatime experience like no other. Embark on a journey through rich mahogany and stained glass, a symphony of vintage elegance.

Indulge in their artisanal tea offerings, from delicate blends to robust brews, with each sip a tribute to centuries-old traditions. Pair your tea with exquisite scones and finger sandwiches—a medley of flavors that dance on your palate.

Gryphon Tea Room is more than a tearoom; it’s a living testament to Savannah’s heritage, where time stands still as you embrace the art of high tea.

Gallery Espresso

Prepare for a sensory feast at Gallery Espresso, where teatime meets artistic expression. Tucked amidst Savannah’s vibrant art scene, this modern gem reimagines high tea with a contemporary twist. As you enter, the aroma of freshly brewed teas mingles with the creative energy that fills the air.

Delight in artisanal pastries that are both edible masterpieces and delectable treats. Local artists share the space, creating an ambiance that blends culture and cuisine. Choose from a curated selection of unique tea blends, each steeped to perfection.

Gallery Espresso isn’t just a tearoom; it’s a canvas of flavors and creativity, inviting you to savor tea with a side of inspiration.

best high tea in Savannah, georgia

The Sentient Beach Coffee Shop and Café

Escape to coastal charm at The Sentient Beach Coffee Shop and Café, a whimsical oasis where teatime embraces the soothing rhythms of the sea. With sand beneath your feet and a gentle breeze in your hair, this tea spot redefines relaxation.

Savor delicate bites and curated teas; each sip is a journey to sandy shores and ocean horizons. Nautical decor and tranquil surroundings create a serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. From the scent of saltwater to the melody of waves, every element enhances your tea experience.

The Sentient Beach is more than a café; it’s a coastal escape where teatime transcends tradition, inviting you to immerse yourself in seaside serenity.

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The Little Crown by Pie Society

Embrace a slice of British elegance at The Little Crown by Pie Society, a tea haven where tradition meets delectable innovation. Nestled in Savannah’s heart, this charming spot beckons with its quaint facade and promises of culinary delight.

Prepare for a regal feast as flaky pastries and savory quiches share the stage with pots of tea fit for royalty. The ambiance exudes a cozy British tearoom, inviting you to indulge in a splendid teatime affair.

From the first sip to the last crumb, The Little Crown offers a taste of England’s tea legacy right in the heart of Savannah, making every moment a crowning delight.

best high tea in savannah georgia

The Mansion on Forsyth Park

Elevates your teatime experience to opulent heights at The Mansion on Forsyth Park. This lavish setting marries history and grandeur, inviting you to step into a realm of luxury fit for royalty.

Amid lush surroundings, savor tiers of culinary artistry, where each morsel is a masterpiece and every sip is a symphony of flavors. The Mansion’s high tea transcends the ordinary, transforming an afternoon into an unforgettable indulgence.

Amidst intricate décor and elegant furnishings, immerse yourself in the epitome of refined sophistication. From the ambiance to the cuisine, The Mansion on Forsyth Park is a destination where teatime becomes an ode to magnificence.

Yaupon Teahouse

Discover a taste of Savannah’s natural heritage at Yaupon Teahouse, where the indigenous yaupon holly takes center stage. With a commitment to sustainability, this tea haven offers a unique blend of history and innovation.

Sip on teas crafted from the native yaupon plant, connecting you to the land’s botanical legacy. From earthy notes to invigorating infusions, each cup is a celebration of local flavors.

Yaupon Teahouse’s dedication to preserving the environment and honoring tradition makes your teatime experience not just a delight for your taste buds, but also a nod to Savannah’s roots. Raise your cup to a tea that’s as nourishing for the soul as it is for the senses.

best high tea in savannah georgia

Perry Lane Library

Step into a world of literary and tea enchantment at Perry Lane Library. Nestled within boutique luxury, this tearoom invites you to a sensory symphony where books and brews unite.

Among shelves laden with tomes, sip on carefully curated teas while immersing yourself in a literary cocoon. Indulge in decadent pastries and engage in intellectual conversations, all amidst an ambiance that whispers of timeless tales.

Perry Lane Library is more than a tea stop; it’s an invitation to blend the worlds of imagination and flavor. From classics to new chapters, let your teatime adventure unfold within this haven of refined delights.

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Savannah Tea Room

Southern hospitality takes center stage at the Savannah Tea Room, where tradition and charm embrace in a delightful embrace. Enter a realm of classic elegance blended seamlessly with modern flair.

Relish delectable sandwiches and indulge in a curated tea selection, served with a side of warm smiles and gracious service.

The tearoom’s ambiance exudes a welcoming embrace, inviting you to relax and savor each sip. Whether you’re a tea aficionado or a novice explorer, the Savannah Tea Room offers a taste of Southern refinement that encapsulates the heart of this enchanting city. It’s not just tea; it’s a cherished tradition served with a generous helping of Savannah’s signature hospitality.

best high tea in savannah georgia

Mirabelle Savannah

Unlock the doors to a sensory wonderland at Mirabelle Savannah, where teatime is elevated to an art form. Tucked within the historic district, this hidden gem beckons with its artistic presentation and delectable offerings.

Feast your eyes on edible masterpieces that mirror the city’s creative spirit, as you savor a diverse array of teas from around the world. Mirabelle weaves an enchanting tapestry of flavors and aesthetics, each bite and sips a testament to culinary ingenuity.

With every visit, you’ll discover a new facet of teatime elegance, leaving you craving not just another cup, but another stroke of artistic brilliance.

Café M

Embark on a fusion journey at Café M, where French sophistication intertwines with Southern warmth. In the heart of Savannah, this enchanting café offers a unique blend of flavors that harmonize in a perfect culinary symphony.

From delicate croissants to hearty biscuits, and from exquisite macarons to soul-soothing peach cobbler, Café M delights in uniting two culinary worlds. Each bite is a testament to the beauty of cultural fusion, inviting you to savor the exquisite dance of tastes.

Amidst charming ambiance and gracious service, Café M stands as a testament to the unifying power of gastronomy, where every dish tells a tale of two distinct traditions entwined.

best high tea in savannah georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Savannah Georgia known?

Savannah, Georgia, is renowned for its historic charm, cobblestone streets, and lush parks draped with Spanish moss. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and a vibrant arts scene, making it a beloved destination for history buffs and wanderers alike.

What is the best month to visit Savannah?

The best month to visit Savannah is typically in the spring, from March to May when the weather is pleasant and the city’s gardens are in full bloom. Fall, from September to November, also offers comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds, making it another favorable time to explore.

Is Savannah hot or cold?

Savannah experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot and humid summers, with temperatures often exceeding 90°F (32°C), and mild winters, with average temperatures around 60°F (15°C).

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