Can Amish Fly On Planes? Know About The Amish Community!

Can Amish Fly On Planes

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Have you ever wondered if the Amish travel by airplane? 

The answer may surprise you. 

While it is true that the majority of Amish communities abstain from flying, there are exceptions. 

Depending on the situation, some Amish may permit air travel, particularly among the New Order Amish, who are more permissive toward technology. 

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind the Amish objections to air travel and the circumstances in which they may make an exception. 

So, can Amish fly on planes? Let’s find out.

The Amish, known for their simple and traditional way of life, have always sparked curiosity regarding their practices and beliefs. 

One particular question that arises is whether or not Amish people fly on airplanes. 

The answer is not a straightforward “yes” or “no,” but generally, Amish people do not fly by airplane. 

The reasons behind this vary, but they mainly stem from the Amish belief that air travel is unnecessary. 

However, exceptions exist, such as certain New Order Amish communities allowing air travel for mission work or emergencies. 

While Amish people do not typically travel by air, it is not prohibited outright, and individuals may make their own decisions based on their beliefs and circumstances.

Who Are The Amish Community?

Who Are The Amish Community?
Who Are The Amish Community?

The Amish community is a group of people who choose to live a simple and traditional lifestyle, often for religious reasons. 

They are known for their plain historical modest dress, use of horse-drawn buggies, and rejection of modern technology. 

Amish meals, which typically include potatoes, noodles, meats, and veggies, are very satisfying and high in carbohydrates. Their diet also includes a lot of milk and eggs.

The Amish originated in Switzerland in the 16th century and have since migrated to North America, primarily settling in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

The Amish have a strong sense of community and prioritize the values of family and service to others. 

They operate independently from the larger society, with their own rules and customs based on their interpretation of the Bible. 

The community is governed by bishops, ministers, and deacons who make decisions and resolve conflicts through discussion and prayer. 

While the Amish community is often viewed as quaint or old-fashioned, they are essential to American society. 

Their dedication to agriculture and craftsmanship has provided valuable contributions to the economy. 

The Amish also values education, with children attending traditional one-room schools through the eighth grade before learning practical skills like farming or woodworking. 

Why Don’t Amish Travel By Airplane?

Why Don't Amish Travel By Airplane?
Why Don’t Amish Travel By Airplane?

The Amish community generally abstains from air travel, and there are several reasons for this. 

One is that they consider air travel non-essential; while they make allowances for other forms of travel, Amish see air travel as a luxury symbolic of a fast-paced and worldly lifestyle. 

This is why most Amish communities stick to traditional forms of transportation like cars, buses, and trains, which are seen as more practical and affordable. 

Besides, air travel requires photo identification, which goes against Amish beliefs. 

Additionally, most Amish communities are far from airports, making air travel impractical. 

Some Amish people believe air travel may also disrupt their spiritual lives by exposing them to the fast-paced world outside their communities. 

However, New Order Amish members tend to be more permissive about technology and allow air travel as long as it is not for personal or business purposes. 

Lastly, flying is generally allowed during medical emergencies and mission work.

Can Amish Fly On Planes?

Whether Amish people can fly on planes is not a simple question to answer with a straightforward “yes” or “no.” 

While most Amish communities abstain from air travel because they believe it is not an essential form of transportation, there are exceptions to the rule. 

Some New Order Amish communities permit air travel, particularly for mission work or emergencies. 

Some Amish individuals may also choose to fly for personal reasons, although these occurrences are relatively rare. 

The TSA has no specific restrictions for the Amish community regarding air travel. They even allow the felons to fly on plane and become pilots.

However, it is important to adhere to the TSA guidelines.

Overall, while air travel is not a typical mode of transportation for the Amish, there are instances where it is considered acceptable within specific communities and circumstances.

What Are The Challenges Amish People May Face When Considering Air Travel?

What Are The Challenges Amish People May Face When Considering Air Travel?
What Are The Challenges Amish People May Face When Considering Air Travel?

For the Amish community, air travel poses various challenges and concerns. 

Here are some of the challenges that the Amish may face when considering air travel:

1. Photo Identification: The Amish do not typically carry government-issued photo identification, which is required for air travel. 

This presents a challenge when flying, as they must obtain proper identification.

2. Safety Concerns: Flying in a plane goes against the Amish way of life, emphasizing simplicity and avoiding modern technology. 

Some Amish may feel uncomfortable or unsafe with the complexity and speed of air travel. 

3. Cost: Air travel can be expensive and is seen as a luxury, which goes against the Amish belief in simplicity and frugality

4. Cultural Differences: Amish culture differs greatly from secular culture, and

 5. Religious Beliefs: Some Amish consider air travel inappropriate because it conflicts with their religious beliefs in humility, simplicity, and separation from the world. 

Despite these challenges, some Amish may still choose to fly in certain situations, such as medical emergencies or mission work.

What Are The Theological And Spiritual Considerations That Influence The Amish Community’s View On Air Travel?

Theological and spiritual considerations influence the Amish community’s view on air travel. 

These considerations shape how the Amish perceive the use of technology in their daily lives, including their choice of transportation. 

Here are some factors that affect the Amish community’s view on air travel:

1. The Amish value simplicity and humility as important virtues. They believe modern technology could lead to pride and a preoccupation with worldly possessions, which goes against their faith. 

2. The Amish also emphasize community and face-to-face interactions over long-distance communication. 

They believe physically traveling to meet someone is more genuine and meaningful than communicating through technology. 

3. Additionally, the Amish view travel as a necessary but not essential aspect of life. The purpose of the trip should be practical and for the betterment of the community rather than for leisure or personal interests. 

4. From a theological standpoint, the Amish believe that God has a plan for their lives and that their actions should align with His will. 

This belief leads them to consider the possible consequences of their choices and whether they align with God’s purpose. 

The Amish community’s view on air travel is influenced by their religious values and beliefs, which prioritize simplicity, humility, community, and alignment with God’s plan.

What Are The Perspectives On Potential Future Changes Or Adaptations Within The Amish Approach To Air Travel?

What Are The Perspectives On Potential Future Changes Or Adaptations Within The Amish Approach To Air Travel?
What Are The Perspectives On Potential Future Changes Or Adaptations Within The Amish Approach To Air Travel?

As the world continues to change and technology advances, the Amish community may face new challenges and opportunities regarding their approach to air travel. 

Here are some potential perspectives on future changes or adaptations within the Amish community:

1. Embracing Technology: While the Amish community is known for its commitment to simplicity and tradition, they may choose to adapt to advancements in technology that could make air travel safer, more efficient, and less expensive. 

For example, if an airline creates a ticketing process that aligns with Amish beliefs and practices, more Amish may consider flying as an option. 

2. Staying True to Values: On the other hand, some members of the Amish community may choose to maintain their current beliefs and practices regarding air travel. 

They may view airplanes as a symbol of a fast-paced and worldly lifestyle that goes against their simplicity, modesty, and community values. 

3. Finding Compromises: As with other aspects of their lives, the Amish community may find creative compromises that allow them to maintain their traditions while adapting to changing circumstances. 

They may choose to fly only in emergencies or develop specific guidelines around air travel that align with their values. 

It remains to be seen how the Amish community will approach air travel in the future. 

Still, they will likely continue to balance their commitment to tradition with practical considerations and new technological advancements.

Final Thoughts 

While it is true that the majority of the Amish do not travel by airplane, there are exceptions. 

The New Order Amish tend to be more permissive regarding air travel, and it is allowed in most congregations. 

Additionally, Amish communities may permit flying in emergency situations, such as when a member needs to be transported quickly to a distant hospital.

However, generally, the Amish avoid air travel due to its association with luxury, worldliness, and a fast-paced lifestyle, all of which go against their values and beliefs. 

Furthermore, the requirement for photo identification can be a hurdle for many Amish, who are hesitant to pose for photographs or be photographed. 

While the Amish may not typically travel by airplane, they will make exceptions in certain circumstances.


Are Amish American Citizens?

Yes, Amish people are American citizens. 

As a religious community, the Amish have been granted the right to live according to their faith and customs in the United States. 

They pay taxes, obey laws, and have the same fundamental rights as American citizens. 

However, the Amish have a unique legal status. 

Do Amish Travel Long Distances?

The traditional horse and buggy is the most commonly used method of transportation for the Amish for short- and long-distance travel.

The Amish also travel long distances by getting rides from non-Amish friends and acquaintances, paying non-Amish people to drive them, taking public transit, riding in cars driven by non-Amish individuals, and even flying on commercial airlines in some cases.

 What Language Do The Amish Speak?

The Amish speak a German dialect called Pennsylvania Dutch and English. 

Children learn Pennsylvania Dutch at home, then go to school to learn English. 

The Amish prefer to speak Pennsylvania Dutch at home or with other Amish people.

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