Can Kids Drink Decaf Coffee? Read This Before Providing Decaf Coffee to Your Kids!

Can Kids Drink Decaf Coffee?

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You might be concerned about providing your kids with healthy food as a parent. When practising new food items for your kid, you must check whether they suit their age.

Some kids might be allergic to a specific food; hence, you must notice and avoid giving it to them.

You might have daily cravings for an energy-boosting beverage like coffee. This will keep you energized and improve your focus on your everyday chaos.

However, when it comes to providing coffee for your kid, the topic becomes a matter of concern. Most people wonder whether decaf coffee will be good for kids.

Although caffeine is a natural stimulant, even a small dose can cause addiction in kids. Hence, it is vital to know whether kids can drink decaf coffee.

In general, you can provide decaf coffee for your kids, but it is crucial to consider the amount of caffeine they consume daily. A small amount of decaf coffee with a blanched diet will not cause side effects. 

By reading this blog, you will gain a clear and detailed idea about giving decaf coffee to kids.

Can You Provide Decaf Coffee for Kids?

Can You Provide Decaf Coffee for Kids?

Some parents have the misconception that decaf coffee is entirely caffeine-free. Decaffeination will remove most of the caffeine from the coffee beans, but it is not 100% caffeine-free.

You can expect 95% to 97% removal of caffeine, which may vary according to the decaffeination methods. Hence, a cup of decaf coffee will contain approximately 3 mg of caffeine.

Therefore, by giving decaf coffee to your kids, you are feeding them a small amount of caffeine. According to many studies, the benefits of drinking decaf coffee outweigh its risks, so the experts believe you can provide it to kids.

When allowing your kids to drink decaf coffee, checking the content and decaffeination method is extremely important.

Natural swiss water process decaffeination is the safest method for kids. In contrast, methylene chloride decaffeination may contain other toxic chemicals. Hence, check the decaffeination method on the label.

How Much Decaf Coffee Can You Give Your Kids?

How Much Decaf Coffee Can You Give Your Kids?

If your kid is under twelve, the best practice is not to make decaf coffee a daily beverage. This is because exposing small kids to caffeine can trigger addiction and result in side effects.

In contrast, providing an occasional cup of decaf coffee will not significantly impact the child’s health.

Some studies also mention that less than 2.5 mg of caffeine per kg is permissible. When providing decaf coffee, checking how your kids react to caffeine, their body weight, and their age is essential.

Daily Caffeine Content According to the Age

  • 4 to 6 years old: 45 mg
  • 7 to 9 years old: 62.5 mg
  • 10 to 12 years old: 85 mg
  • Adolescents: over 100 mg

Since each kid would react differently, you cannot expect to generalize the reaction. Some kids will develop an addiction to small doses of caffeine in decaf coffee, while others will naturally not like the beverage.

However, until the age of twelve, it is best to avoid caffeine and provide healthy drinks like fresh fruit juice instead.

Health Benefits of Drinking Decaf Coffee

Health Benefits of Drinking Decaf Coffee

Following are a few health benefits that your kids will obtain by drinking decaf coffee:

  • Caffeine in decaf coffee will improve your child’s focus and alertness.
  • Moderate levels of caffeine will promote digestion.
  • Decaf coffee will boost your child’s metabolism and help maintain a healthy weight.
  • The antioxidant in decaf coffee will prevent damage to the cell caused by free radicals.
  • This decaffeinated beverage will help decrease chronic inflammation, which contributes to many diseases like arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee will lower the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Decaf coffee will also help to improve cardiovascular health. Therefore consuming a moderate amount of this beverage will prevent heart disease.
  • Drinking decaf coffee will lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. 

Why Decaf Coffee Is Not for Kids: The Top 5 Reasons

Why Decaf Coffee Is Not for Kids: The Top 5 Reasons

Invariably, the answer to the question regarding giving caffeinated products to kids could be more precise.

This is because you will need help finding resources with a clear-cut answer, but many of them will often advise checking on your child’s health before giving them caffeine.

Even a small amount of caffeine is a lot for kids. Although we have mentioned above that you can provide decaf coffee to your kids, it is also essential to know that this beverage can negatively impact your healthy growth and development.

Interrupted sleep

Providing decaf coffee just before your kid’s bedtime will disturb their sleep.

Kids under the age of twelve must have quality sleep for around 10 to 12 hours, so it is better to avoid giving them decaf coffee before bed.

Caffeine Addiction 

Kids will quickly develop an addiction to decaf coffee as the caffeine in this beverage improves and boosts their energy levels. 

Addiction may lead to excessive caffeine consumption. Also, you may notice symptoms like an inability to concentrate on your work and headaches when you do not take your regular cup of decaf coffee.

Note: Suddenly cutting the caffeine intake may cause withdrawal symptoms. Hence, gradually reducing your kid’s caffeine consumption is better before the situation worsens.

Since decaf coffee remains slightly acidic, it may affect the teeth’ enamel and stain your kids teeth.

This beverage also increases the risk of developing cavities, leading to oral health issues.

Weight Gain

You might wonder how decaf coffee can cause weight gain since caffeine helps burn calories.

In contrast, you may include additives to enhance the beverage’s taste, which will promote weight gain. Sugar, creamer, and milk will add calories.


Although decaf coffee doesn’t significantly show any impact due to caffeine, this will not be the same for your kids. 

Excessive consumption of decaf coffee may lead to more caffeine intake, which makes them hyperactive. 

The sudden burst of energy may impede the kid’s concentration on a specific task.

How to Make Decaf Coffee for Kids

How to Make Decaf Coffee for Kids

Do not brew decaf coffee for kids like you will for adults. Instead, reduce the decaf coffee ground and add some fresh milk to reduce the bitterness of the beverage. Milk will also help to decrease the acidity of the drink. It is better to avoid adding creamers and other sweeteners, as this will increase the calorie intake.

Caffeine is in coffee and many other caffeinated beverages like hot chocolate, tea, energy drinks, and other coffee-flavored products.

So you must check on the total caffeine consumption of your kid daily and limit it according to the kid’s weight and age.

Bottom Line

You might understand whether kids can drink decaf coffee. Since decaffeinated coffee contains less caffeine, limited consumption will not significantly affect your child’s health.

We have also emphasized the pros and cons of providing decaf coffee to our kids. As a parent, deciding whether to give a child decaf coffee is in your hands.

If the kid has insomnia, hyperactivity, etc., it is best to ask a healthcare professional whether caffeine intake can impact their development.

If your child is not interested in decaf or regular coffee, it is better not to provide the beverage until they turn twelve.


Can Caffeine in Decaf Coffee Impact Your Kid’s Development?

Although decaffeinated beverages are produced by removing 97% of the caffeine, the remaining amount can impact kids’ development if they drink excessively.

In general, taking one or two sips of decaf coffee is safe.

What is the Best Coffee Decaffeination Method For Kids?

The natural water process is the best and safest decaffeination method for adults and kids.

This method removes most of the caffeine while retaining other nutrients. Also, water-processed decaffeination does not involve any chemicals.

Is Decaf Coffee Healthy For Your Kids?

Decaf coffee is a safe beverage that you can include in your healthy diet. 

In contrast, when it comes to kids, this beverage has some health benefits and disadvantages. Occasional consumption of decaf coffee will not impact your child’s health.

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