Cuisinart DBM-8W Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8W Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

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The Cuisinart DBM-8W Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is a dedicated coffee grinder designed for home use, offering convenience and customization in grinding your coffee beans.

With features like a removable grind chamber, a versatile grind selector, and a user-friendly slide dial, this automatic burr mill aims to simplify the coffee preparation process.

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Let’s delve into its key attributes and gather insights to provide a comprehensive review.

Product Description

The Cuisinart DBM-8W Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is crafted for home coffee enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient grinder. The combination of a removable grind chamber, versatile grind selector, and user-friendly quantity control makes it an accessible choice for those who value customization and simplicity in their coffee preparation routine.

The grinder’s compact design makes it a practical addition to home kitchens, complementing its functionality. Additionally, the included scoop/cleaning brush adds convenience to the overall user experience, addressing both accurate coffee measurement and easy grinder maintenance.

Key Features

Removable Grind Chamber

The removable grind chamber is not only spacious, holding enough ground coffee for up to 32 cups, but it also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance. This feature enhances the overall user experience, ensuring freshness and cleanliness with each use.

Versatile Grind Selector

The 18-position grind selector offers a spectrum of grind sizes, from coarse to fine. This versatility is crucial for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to tailor their grind based on different brewing methods, whether it’s a coarse grind for a French press or a fine grind for espresso.

Slide Dial for Quantity

The 4 to 18-cup slide dial provides a user-friendly and customizable experience for determining the quantity of coffee to be ground. This feature caters to diverse brewing needs, allowing users to grind precisely the amount required for their preferred coffee preparation, whether it’s a single cup or a larger batch.

Compact Dimensions

With dimensions of 6.00 L x 7.13 W x 10.75 H inches, the grinder is designed to be space-efficient. This compact size makes it suitable for home kitchens, ensuring it doesn’t occupy excessive counter space while still delivering the functionality needed for coffee grinding.

Included Scoop/Cleaning Brush

The inclusion of a scoop/cleaning brush serves a dual purpose. The scoop aids in precise coffee measurement, contributing to consistent brewing results. Simultaneously, the cleaning brush ensures easy maintenance of the grinder, helping users keep it in optimal condition for prolonged use.

Pros and Cons


Ample Capacity: Removable grind chamber holds enough coffee for 32 cups, facilitating bulk preparation.

Versatile Grinding Options: 18-position grind selector provides a wide range of customization for different brewing methods.

User-Friendly Quantity Control: 4 to 18-cup slide dial allows flexible quantity selection for varied brewing needs.

Compact Design: Space-efficient dimensions make it suitable for home kitchens with limited counter space.

Convenient Accessories: The included scoop/cleaning brush enhances practicality and cleanliness.


  1. Limited Wattage: With 8 watts, the grinder may operate at a slightly slower pace compared to higher-wattage models, potentially affecting grinding speed.


The Cuisinart DBM-8W Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill stands out with its practical features, compact design, and included accessories. While it may have a lower wattage, its overall functionality, customization options, and user-friendly design contribute to a positive home coffee grinding experience. Whether you’re a casual coffee drinker or a dedicated enthusiast, this grinder offers a blend of convenience and customization that aligns with the preferences of many users.

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