How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)

How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)

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Miele coffee machines are one of the most famous coffee machines among coffee users worldwide. Most users appreciate the high technology and the convenience of the brand.

However, many people are still perplexed about the machine’s descaling procedure. 

But, Miele coffee machines’ descaling is a few-minute process. 

Users can easily descale the Mile coffee machine by pressing the descaling button in the control panel’s main menu. Then, they only have to follow the instructions on the display while using the correct descaling tablets.

There are different types of cleaning agents and methods to descale a Miele Coffee machine.

So here we are giving you instructions on how to descale a Miele coffee machine properly.

Stay till the end of this article to find out more.

A Miele Coffee Maker Descaling Instructions

How to descale a Miele coffee machine
How to descale a miele coffee machine

There are a few different ways to clean the Miele coffee machine. But following automated instructions is the easiest way for users to descale the machine without professional support.

Here are the ten steps to descale a Miele coffee machine

1.Prepare the machine by removing the machine from the power cable and emptying the water tank.

2.Remove the filters inside the machine.

3.Add the correct descaling tablet or cleaning solution and fill the water tank with fresh water.

4.Reattach the device and follow the instructions on the control panel

5.Press the maintenance button on the main menu.

6.Then press the descaling button on the appliance.

7.Follow the instructions on the display.

8.Once the cleaning cycle is over, empty the water container after the descaling mark appears.

9.Rinse the container with clean water.

10.Run a trial brewing cycle to remove all the descaling solutions from the machine.

(Don’t drink the first few cups of coffee because it also contains the taste of the descaling solution.)

Even though this automated process is easy, choosing the correct cleaning tablet is essential.

How to descale a Miele Coffee Machine

How Do You Descale The Miele Coffee Machine With Different Descaling Tablets?

How to descale a Miele Coffee Machine
How to Descale a Miele Coffee Machine

It’s hard to find the correct type of descaling tablet because of the wide variety of selections and cleaning products in the market.

But whether you have a countertop machine or a built-in machine, descaling is necessary.

“However, multiple retailers are selling the same product in the online market on Amazon.” Also, sometimes they list the same product under different categories. And the images and model numbers can change frequently. So, finding the right cleaning tablet isn’t easy.”

But the Miele brand always guarantees the users’ quality products. Accordingly, you can get a product with a similar quality even if the serial number and the packaging change.

As a result, understanding how to use the product will make the descaling process easier.

So, we are separating the available Miele coffee machine descale tablets into three categories.

Category  Model Number  
Miele Descaling Tablets: DecalcificationGP DC CX 0061 T  
Miele Coffee Milk Pipework Cleaner: Remove milk residues and stagnant water  GP CL MCX 0101 P  
Miele Cleaning Tablets: Full cleaning cycle for degreasing and cleaning the brewing unit    GP CL CX 0102 T  
how to descale a Miele coffee machine

Miele Descaling Tablets

Miele Descaling tablets remove calcification limescale inside the machine. Limescale deposits are harmful to all types of coffee machines. So, descaling the device on time is essential.

The machine is automatically starting a countdown to decalcification after 50 uses. And the machine decides it according to the hardness level of your water supply.

Usually, one package comes with six tablets. And the cleaning procedure takes around 20 to 30 minutes. Because the solution stays inside the machine for a long time, the limescale is easily removed.

Model Number: GP DC CX 0061 T

Old model numbers still can available in the market: 05626050 / 10178330

Miele Coffee Milk Pipework Cleaner

Miele Coffee Milk Pipework cleaners are specially formulated to clean milk residues. You will automatically receive a notification for the cleaning on time.

The process only takes around seven minutes and once a week. Users only have to follow the instruction on the panel after adding the correct cleaning tablet.

The company rebranded this product several times over the past five years, But the formula remained the same. Because of that, the packaging can be different.

Each box contains 100 tablets, and each tablet weighs around 3.7 grams.

Model Number: GP CL MCX 0101 P

Old model numbers still can available in the market: 10182210/07189940/7189920

Miele Cleaning Tablets

The Miele cleaning tablet is for a total cleaning and degreasing of the machine. The machine automatically suggests a total cleaning cycle after using it 200 times.

The brand terminology for this changed from cleaning to decreasing over the past few years.

But the product formula and the purpose remained the same. So, the user can start the descaling according to the instruction on the control panel.

The process only takes around ten minutes once in 3–6 months. Then the user can have a fresh and clean start with the machine.

Model number: GP CL CX 0102 T

Other model numbers still can available in the market: 05626080 / 07616440 / 10270530.

Using descaling tablets is not a must. But because they are specially formulated for descaling it’s safe and convenient.

How Can I Clean My Miele Coffee Machine Without Descaling Tablets Naturally?

How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)
How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)

Descaling tablets are expensive and sometimes confusing to select. Because of that, some users tend to use home remedies to descale their coffee machines. 

So, what are the Miele coffee machine cleaning products?

According to many users’ vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda are the most popular natural solution for coffee machine descaling.

But using natural solutions for descaling has both pros and cons when compared to cleaning tablets. Here are the most common natural Miele coffee machine descaling solutions

  Solution Name  How to use the solution for descaling  Advantages  Disadvantages  
VinegarMix white vinegar, 1/3 cup of water 2/3 cup of water and add to the machine. Run the standard descaling procedure.  The natural formula in the vinegar removes the limescale inside the machine.  The vinegary scent and the taste can stay around for one to two days. Also, it can damage the seal inside the machine.  
Lemon Juice  Mix half a cup of fresh lemon juice with half a cup of water and add to the machine. Continue the normal descaling process.  Remove the coagulated milk residues and react with limescale to remove them.  The lemon taste will stay with your coffee for a while  
  Baking Soda  Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with one cup of water. Add to the machine and start the descaling process.  It can use as a general cleaning solution.  There isn’t much effect on cleaning like the other two solutions.  
How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)

Why Should You Descale Your Miele Coffee Machine?

How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)
How To Descale A Miele Coffee Machine (10 steps)

The water you are using for the coffee machine can contain minerals like calcium and magnesium. They can react together and make limescale inside the machine.

The amount of minerals in your water decides the speed of the limescale building inside your coffee machine. Limescale can block the internal system and give the coffee a bad taste.

Also, milk residues and stagnant water can clog the internal pipe system of the machine. But cleaning the machine only removes the oil residues.

However, descaling cleans all the mineral build-up calcification limescale and clogging stuff inside the machine. This gives you a fresh and clean coffee every day.

That’s why descaling cleaning your coffee machine than any other cleaning procedure.

What Happens If You Do Not Descale The Miele Coffee Machine?

How to Descale a Miele Coffee Machine
How to descale a Miele coffee machine

If you do not descale your Miele coffee machine, the limescale (mineral deposits) can block and clog the water passage. This affects the heating elements of the machine.

As a result, your water outlet may become clogged and narrowed over time. Because of this, the speed of the coffee dispensing can reduce.

Also, because this is reducing the temperature, the machine will not be able to extract the coffee flavours properly. With this, your coffee may end up tasting bad.  

Following the automated instructions on the control panel is easy. But sometimes the machine can get stuck in the descaling mode. So, the user has to reset the machine before using it again.

How to reset a coffee machine stuck in descale mode to use it again?

How to Descale a Miele Coffee Machine
How to Descale a Miele Coffee Machine

Like many other machines we use, Miele coffee machines also can sometimes malfunction. One of the most common problems is getting stuck in the descaling mode.

But you only have to press the descaling button for seven to ten seconds to start the machine again. After that, the blinking signal from the descaling button will stop, and the machine will start to work properly.

If it’s not working, there are a few things to check to find the reason.

1.Check whether the waste unit is blocked or incorrectly positioned.

2.Look into the water tank and replace the water switch.

3.Lubricate the supply lines and refill the water tank if the water level is low.

4.Check the error code F10 to find out whether the water supply is blocked.

5.If it remains in the descaling mode, please seek professional assistance to restart your machine.

Other cleaning solutions, like vinegar, also have a similar formula to coffee descaler. Also, they are more affordable and easier to find.

However, using a descaling tablet is the best solution because of some disadvantages. Also, Miele’s descaling tablets have positive reviews from customers.

Miele coffee machine descaling product customer review

How to Descale a Miele Coffee Machine
How to Descale a Miele Coffee Machine

Users can now get descaling products from their official site or Amazon. Also, the price can range from$19- $50, according to the retailer. However, the product continues to have over 4.5 stars on all the sites.

Many customers were satisfied with the product and recommended it to other users too. Also, they are happy about the tablets helping them to keep the machine properly. So, they appreciate the product as a great product.


Maintaining the coffee machine is one of the stressful targets for coffee machine owners. However, the process is relatively easy now with advanced technology.

Specially Miele brand is now supplying users with the best cleaning products. They are readily available in the market.

And anyone can use it following the automated system instructions. With that, the users can easily descale Miele coffee machines without professional support.


How do you put a coffee machine in descale mode?

When the machine indicates the time for descaling, users can add a descaling solution to the tablet dispenser. Then press the descaling button on the control panel and wait until the process is complete.

How long does it take to descale the Miele coffee machine?

If there is no problem with the machine, a complete descaling procedure will only take about half an hour.

Is coffee machine descaler better than vinegar?

Many people use white vinegar instead of the standard descaling solution. But using the recommended descaling solution will give you the best result. Also, vinegar can sometimes harm the seals of the pipeline and leave a vinegary taste later.

How often should I descale my coffee machine?

Usually, the coffee machine automatically indicates the time after 150–200 uses. But it’s better to descale the machine within every 3-6 months for the best results.

How do I know if my coffee machine needs descaling?

The machine will automatically indicate the time when you need to descale. If not, check the condition of the water heater and the water pressure to see whether there are any limescale residues. If the water line becomes clogged, the machine must be descaled as soon as possible.

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