How to Use Coffee Grounds to Age Metal? A Cost-Effective Method!

How to Use Coffee Grounds to Age Metal?

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Many people have an interest in antique ornaments and home décor.

While some people attempt to prevent metal aging from destroying its modern appearance, others attempt to age the metal to achieve an antique appearance.

If you love the rustic charm of metals, then this will be an informative blog that will provide information on how to age metal with coffee grounds.

You can DIY the process since it does not require special techniques or tools.

On the metallic surface, spread a layer of coffee grounds. Just leave it for a few hours. Once you observe that the metal has changed to the desired color, you can wipe the coffee grounds.

That’s how you age metal with coffee grounds!

Safety Measures You Must Take Before Getting into the Process

Safety first! Since you will be handling heated metal, you must wear safety gear.

Following are some essential things required to improve security.

Important: Ensure that any object used during this process is both fire-resistant and heat-resistant.

Things Required

Apart from the safety precautions, you will also need other essential items.

  • Coffee Grounds
  • A container to fill with coffee grounds
  • Lighter
  • Soft cloth

How to Age Metal With Coffee Grounds?

Imagine that you have a metallic chain.

If you are wondering how to make it look antique, you are in the right place.

You can make the chain look aged by carefully following the steps below.

Step 1

Since you will be heating the metal, it is important to consider your safety.

Hence, wear the safety gear before you head further.

Step 2

Depending on the object’s size, you must take a suitable container and fill it with coffee grounds.

Note: The coffee grounds must contain moisture, so using the coffee grounds that you used recently to prepare a pot of coffee will be a good idea.

If not to the fresh coffee grounds, pour some warm water and allow them to absorb the moisture. This process takes a few more minutes.

Step 3

If you are working with a small object like a chain, you can use the handheld lighter to heat the metal.

Using the tong, hold the metallic object and heat it with the lighter.

It would be best if you continued heating until you witnessed a color change where the thing darkened.

Step 4

Now quickly submerge the heated metal in the coffee grounds and leave for a few minutes.

This will help to produce an antique look. If you want the color to be darker, you can take the metal from the coffee ground and repeat the above steps.

Step 5

Leave the metal to cool down. Next, using a soft cloth, you can polish the metal.

This method of aging metals will produce a charming look, and the result lasts a long time.

What Are the Benefits of Aging Metal with Coffee?

What Are the Benefits of Aging Metal with Coffee?

Here are some of the benefits of using coffee grounds to age metals.


Coffee grounds are cheap, so anyone can afford them.

Hence, you can save money if your are using this method to age metals. Also, it is optional to use fresh coffee grounds.

Utilizing recently used coffee grounds to brew coffee will be a good option.


Finding coffee grounds is a relatively easy task.

You can buy coffee beans and grind them at home or purchase packaged coffee grounds from the store. Using them in this process is also very convenient.

Quick and Effective

The discoloration of metal takes just a matter of minutes.

Hence, the process is quick. The antique look you obtain in this process will show an effective result. Also, repeating the process will help to get the desired color. 

Long Lasting

The result is long-lasting. The antique color you obtain will last for an indefinite period. 

What Are the Negative Effects of Aging Metal with Coffee?

Checking on the disadvantages of aging metals using coffee grounds is also essential. In addition to the advantages, there are a few disadvantages of using this method.

Large Metal Aging Is Difficult

This method is convenient for an aging chain or another small metallic object.

In contrast, the process might require effort if you are trying to discolor large objects.

In such a situation, use a light attached to the propane tank to heat the thing.

Other Methods of Aging Metal

Other Methods of Aging Metal

Using coffee grounds is one way you can age metals.

There are several other alternative methods.

You can use natural ingredients like salt, vinegar, and lemon juice to age brass, bronze, and other metals. You can also use acetone for discoloring metals, but this chemical is toxic.

Another method of obtaining an aged metallic look is by painting the metal with acrylic paint.

Gunmetal gray paint and copper metallic paint will produce a fantastic result.

After the first paint coating dries, you can check the outcome and decide whether to add additional layers.


Many people are obsessed with antique ornaments and encourage their charming looks.

Antique decoration not only adds beauty to the house but also has value and is in demand.

Through the blog, you might have understood how to discolor the modern metallic look to obtain an aged appearance.

Since coffee grounds aren’t expensive, you can try this method and check the outcome. Also, this method of aging metals is safe compared to using chemicals.


How Long Does Coffee Ground Aging of Metals Take?

After heating and submerging the metal in the coffee ground, it will take 30 seconds to one minute.

Then you will be able to witness the color change.

Anyway, the time consumption for the whole process will depend on how many times you repeat it to get the desired color.

Is Aging Metals with Coffee Grounds Effective?

Yes, you can discolor metals. The end result will be long-lasting. Hence, this is an effective method.

When Aging Metals with Coffee Grounds, How Many Times Should I Repeat the Process?

You can complete the process once and check the result. If you want the metal to turn darker, you can repeat it again.

The number of times depends on your satisfaction with obtaining the desired color.

Should I Use Freshly Ground Coffee Ground for this Process?

Using freshly ground coffee will be better than using an old or expired set of grounds.

Anyway, you can utilize the fresh coffee grounds you recently used to brew.

How Much Coffee Ground Should I Use?

How much coffee ground you will need will depend on the size of the metal.

If the metals are small, then filling a small container with the coffee ground will be sufficient.

Whereas for more significant metals, you will need more coffee grounds.

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