How Much Do Starbucks Baristas Make In Oregon?

How Much Do Starbucks Baristas Make In Oregon

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Curious about the pay for Starbucks baristas in Oregon? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll give you the rundown on what compensation you can expect as a Starbucks barista in Oregon, as well as the perks and potential for growth that come with the job. Get ready to sip on some juicy insights about the coffee world behind the counter!

How Starbucks Baristas in Oregon Get Paid

How Starbucks Baristas in Oregon Get Paid

Starbucks baristas in Oregon receive their compensation through a combination of base pay, tips, and additional benefits.

Here’s a breakdown of how Starbucks baristas in Oregon get paid:

Base Hourly Wage: Starbucks sets a base hourly wage for its baristas in Oregon. The exact amount varies depending on factors such as the local minimum wage laws and the cost of living in the specific location.

As of my knowledge, as of September 2021, the minimum wage in Oregon was $12.00 to $14.00 per hour, depending on the county.

However, it’s essential to note that minimum wage rates may have changed since then. Starbucks strives to provide competitive wages that meet or exceed the minimum requirements set by state and local laws.

Tips: Customers have the option to leave tips for Starbucks baristas in Oregon. Tips can be provided in cash or through digital payment methods.

The distribution of tips among the staff is typically based on hours worked or a predetermined formula established by the store.

Service Charge: In some Starbucks locations, a service charge may be added to certain orders. The service charge is used to support initiatives such as health benefits, parental leave, and other employee programs.

When applicable, the service charge is distributed among the baristas, providing them with additional compensation.

Perks and Benefits: More Than Just Free Coffee

Perks and Benefits: More Than Just Free Coffee

Being a Starbucks barista in Oregon comes with a host of perks and benefits that go beyond just the joy of sipping on free coffee.

Here are some of the additional advantages that Starbucks baristas enjoy:

Healthcare Coverage 

Starbucks values the well-being of its employees and offers comprehensive healthcare coverage to eligible baristas in Oregon.

This coverage may include medical, dental, and vision insurance, ensuring that baristas have access to essential healthcare services.

Paid Time Off

Starbucks recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides paid time off to its baristas in Oregon.

This includes vacation days, sick leave, and other types of leave to accommodate personal needs or unforeseen circumstances.

Stock Options

Starbucks offers its baristas the opportunity to participate in the company’s stock option program.

This means that baristas may have the chance to purchase Starbucks stock at a discounted price, allowing them to share in the company’s success and potentially build wealth over time.

Employee Discount

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Starbucks baristas in Oregon enjoy an employee discount on food and beverages, making those delicious drinks and tasty treats even more accessible.

Career Development

Starbucks believes in fostering the growth and development of its employees.

Baristas have access to various training programs and resources designed to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge of the coffee industry.

These perks and benefits showcase Starbucks’ commitment to the well-being and growth of its baristas.

By going above and beyond just providing free coffee, Starbucks ensures that its employees feel valued and supported throughout their journey with the company.

So, if you’re considering joining the Starbucks barista community in Oregon, be prepared to enjoy a range of perks and benefits that extend far beyond the caffeine fix.

It’s not just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a company that invests in its employees’ success and happiness.

Climbing the Barista Career Ladder

Working as a Starbucks barista in Oregon offers more than just serving up delicious coffee. It can also be a stepping stone for those aspiring to advance their careers within the company.

Here’s a glimpse into the opportunities for growth and advancement available to Starbucks baristas:

One common path for career progression is becoming a shift supervisor.

Shift Supervisor

You take on additional responsibilities, such as overseeing daily operations, coordinating barista schedules, and ensuring excellent customer service.

This role allows you to develop leadership skills and gain experience managing a team.

For those aiming higher, the role of store manager may be the next step.

Store manager 

You have the opportunity to lead an entire Starbucks location, overseeing its performance, profitability, and customer experience.

Store managers are responsible for staff management, inventory control, and maintaining Starbucks’ high standards.

Starbucks recognizes the value of continued education and offers various training programs to support career growth.

The “Pathways to the Starbucks Experience” program is designed to help baristas explore different career paths within the company.

It provides resources and guidance to help baristas identify their strengths and interests, enabling them to pursue specialized roles or move into corporate positions.

Additionally, Starbucks invests in the personal and professional development of its employees.

Baristas can access a range of training modules, workshops, and online resources to enhance their skills in areas such as coffee brewing, customer service, and leadership.

This commitment to ongoing learning empowers baristas to expand their knowledge and excel in their roles.

Moreover, Starbucks promotes a culture of internal promotion, valuing the talents and potential of its baristas.

The company often prioritizes filling management and leadership positions from within its own ranks, offering advancement opportunities to baristas who demonstrate dedication, performance excellence, and a passion for the Starbucks brand.



Being a Starbucks barista in Oregon opens doors to a fulfilling career.

From shift supervisor to store manager, there are opportunities for advancement within the company.

Starbucks invests in training and development, nurturing the talents of its baristas. With a culture of internal promotion, your passion and dedication can propel you towards exciting professional growth.

So, lace up your apron and get ready to embark on a steaming journey towards a rewarding future as a Starbucks barista in Oregon.


How can I advance my career as a Starbucks barista in Oregon?

Starbucks provides a clear path for career growth, starting with shift supervisor roles and progressing to store manager positions. Training programs and resources like “Pathways to the Starbucks Experience” support career development.

What additional benefits do Starbucks baristas in Oregon receive?

Starbucks baristas in Oregon enjoy perks such as healthcare coverage, paid time off, stock options, and an employee discount on food and beverages.

Is prior experience required to work as a Starbucks barista in Oregon?

No, prior experience is not necessary. Starbucks provides comprehensive training for all new hires, regardless of experience level.

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