How To Make Mud Water Coffee? Step-By-Step Guide!

How To Make Mud Water Coffee

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Are you a coffee lover who likes to explore different varieties of coffee?

Or someone who wants a hot beverage like coffee but not the actual coffee! 

This blog will teach you about the most popular mud coffee. You can make it instantly if you have store-bought mud water coffee powder.

Reading further, you will discover the DIY recipe for making mud water coffee.

First, start by mixing a scoop of the powder with boiling water. You can now blend it thoroughly. The hot cup of mud water coffee is ready for you! The packaging contains a hand blender, which makes the process effective and optimises the taste.

You can also mix it with a spoon, which requires some effort.

What Is Mud Water Coffee?

What is Mud Water Coffee?

Although you call it mud water coffee, it is not the original coffee. Instead, the manufacturers create an alternative beverage for coffee by combining various spices.

Despite the fact that the product is quite expensive, it will be a worthy purchase for those hunting for a healthy beverage.

This ready-made mixture is an excellent replacement for your morning tea.T

There are many more interesting facts about this product; hence, read the article!

Ingredients Required To Make Instant Mud Water Coffee 

Ingredients Required to Make Instant Mud Water Coffee 

The MUD\WTR powder contains the following ingredients.

  • Masala chai
  • Cacao
  • Reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Tumeric

Imagine that your busy mornings make you feel low when thinking about the to-do lists for the day.

Before setting off to work, spending a little time making a cup of coffee is worthwhile.

So, to make this healthy beverage in less time, you only need TWO ingredients.

  1. MUD\WTR coffee powder 
  1. Boiling Water

On the other hand, the necessary equipment is

  1. A mug
  2. Hand blender or spoon

To prepare the mud coffee powder using the DIY method, you must collect all the raw materials.

You will find the essential items in the DIY section.

Similar to mud coffee, you can also prepare decaf and many other coffee varieties at home.

Mud Water Coffee Preparation Method

You don’t have to be an expert to do this! Make sure to get the MUD/WTR supplement beverage.

This ingredient allows you to make a cup of mud water coffee in a couple of minutes.

As previously mentioned, you can prepare it by blending a scoop of MUD\WTR powder with hot water. If you prefer additional flavors, include one teaspoon of maple syrup. 

People also customise their cups of mud water coffee by adding honey, steamed oat milk, coconut oil, and hot water. 

What does mud water coffee taste like?

Your mud water coffee’s taste will be unique if you use any additional ingredients to optimise the flavor.

Anyways, the actual MID\WTR coffee will taste like cinnamon-rich mocha. You will also get a hint of ginger taste. Overall the coffee tastes like mud. 

Most people consume mud water coffee as a healthy supplement, so they do not add any sweetness.

Whereas some who do not like the original taste intend to add honey or maple syrup to increase the sweetness.

Mud Water Coffee: DIY Method

Mud water coffee: DIY method

When you badly want a mud water coffee, you notice that the MUD\WTR tin is empty.

For a change, try making your mudwater coffee by following the instructions below. 

Essential Raw Materials

Blue Lotus Masala Chai 1 Tin
Cocoa Powder 2-3 cups
Himalayan Sea Salt ⅛ Cup (Optional)
Turmeric Powder 1 cup
Ceylon Cinnamon 1 cup
Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract powder Half cup

Required Equipment

  • Whisk
  • The large bowl ( to conveniently mix all the ingredients)
  • Measuring cups
  • Airtight Container


It is better to gather all the measured ingredients to minimise the struggle.

After weighing the ingredients, put them in a large bowl. Then, using the whisk, mix it well. Now you can store the mixture in an airtight container. To make the mud water coffee, combine one spoonful of the prior prepared powder and one cup of hot water. Mix them well!

It’s time to taste your DIY mud coffee!

Alternative Ways To Prepare Mud Water Coffee

There are many more ways to prepare mud coffee.

If you want to try it out differently, here are some options.

Method 1

Mix one tablespoon of MUD\WTR supplement with one cup of milk.

Although this will not make the coffee sweeter, the taste and texture will be different compared to coffee made with hot water.’

Method 2

After blending the prepared MUD\WTR mixture with hot water, add one tablespoon of almond butter and one teaspoon of honey and mix it well.

For additional taste, add some creamer.

Method 3

Another tasty beverage is iced coffee with mud. In a mug, combine one tablespoon of the MUD/WTR mixture with the creamer and honey.

Pour in 4-6 oz of hot water and thoroughly mix.

Put some ice cubes and pour some almond milk (cold) into a different glass.

Lastly, you can pour the mixed mud water into the glass, stir, and enjoy your iced mud. 

Alternative Ways To Prepare Mud Water Coffee

Advantages Of Switching To Mud Coffee: Is It A Good Idea? 

Advantages Of Switching To Mud Coffee: Is It A Good Idea? 

Many people suggest switching to “mud coffee” is a great idea.

It is important to know about the benefits of consuming mud coffee.

Non-Coffee Drinkers Can Enjoy This Healthy Drink.

Suppose you aren’t drinking coffee but searching for an alternative beverage, then mud water coffee will be the best option.

This beverage also provides the benefits that you can obtain from real coffee.

Less/ No Side Effects

Mud water coffee considerably has no side effects.

So, without fear, you can consume it as an energising drink.

No caffeine is present in this beverage, yet it will help boost your energy level.

Low Addiction

You might know that coffee is an addiction.

In comparison, since mud water coffee does not contain caffeine, the addiction potential is very low. 

Enhance Your Weight Loss

Mud water coffee boosts metabolism, which helps burn fat faster. As a result, this beverage will help you lose weight.

Improves The Immune System

Mud water contains antioxidants that uplift your immune system.

So the body becomes healthy and capable of fighting against illness and infections.

Reduces Inflammation

Drinking mud water coffee will help reduce inflammation.

Therefore, this beverage will be a better option to overcome discomfort and pain due to inflammation.

Few Disadvantages Of Consuming Mud Coffee.

Few Disadvantages Of Consuming Mud Coffee.

On the other hand, drinking mud water coffee has some disadvantages.

DIY Mud Coffee Can Mess The Kitchen

Since you will be handling powders when making mud water powder, mixing them might mess up the kitchen countertop.

You will also notice a layer of mud in the bottom of the cup after preparing mud water coffee.

Limited Research Supports

The human research on the benefits of consuming mud coffee is limited.

As a result, it is difficult to predict the effectiveness and outcomes with greater precision.


The MUD\WTR powder available in the store is expensive compared to regular coffee. 

Taste Differs

Some consumers love the taste of the MUD\WTR, while for others, it is bitter and strong.

Hence, some people complain that mud water coffee tastes like dirt.

Final Thoughts

Naturally, humans get tired and depressed. Hence, a healthy beverage supplement is essential to energise and boost your immune system.

Since too much caffeine can cause side effects like dehydration, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, etc., mud water coffee will be a great alternative.

By reading the blog, you will understand how to make mud water coffee and its DIY recipes.

If you are a non-coffee drinker or planning to quit coffee, it’s time to replace the beverage with MUD WATER COFFEE!


Does Homemade Mud Water Coffee Taste Similar To The Store Bought Product?

The taste will be similar if you prepare the powder at home. Anyways it will not be exactly the same.

Is There Real Coffee In MUD/WTR?

No, mud coffee almost has no coffee or caffeine.

In contrast, some recent research predicts that it may contain a one-seventh cup of coffee with no significant effect.

Is Mud Water A Better Replacement For Coffee?

Yes, it is a better replacement as it provides most of the benefits found in coffee.

Moreover, it has fewer side effects. Therefore, it is an excellent replacement.

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