What Is 1/2 Decaf Espresso? Every Thing You Need to Know About 1/2 Decaf Espresso!

What Is 1/2 Decaf Espresso?

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There are a wide variety of coffee options. Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee that helps enhance your energy level. The daily cup of Joe will help start your day with refreshing energy.

Anyhow, some people do not like the caffeine jitter. Hence, they hunt for coffee options that boost their energy level without caffeine jitters.

If you are also searching for a beverage that does not cause caffeine jitters, then this blog is for you!

Have you heard of ½ decaf espresso? 

Yes, this beverage is made using decaffeinated espresso and regular espresso. Hence, the caffeine content of this beverage will be less, or approximately half that of a regular espresso. 

Half-decaf espresso is becoming popular among various coffee options as it does not trigger caffeine jitters. This article will help you learn more about ½ decaf espresso.

½ Decaf Espresso

½ Decaf Espresso

Do you love the taste of coffee but intend to limit your caffeine intake? Then switching to ½ decaf espresso will be a perfect solution because it contains only half the amount of caffeine compared to a regular espresso.

If this is the first time you hear about ½ decaf espresso, then let’s discuss what it is. The main intention of preparing ½ decaf coffee or espresso is to reduce the caffeine content.

When preparing ½ decaf coffee, the barista will use one shot of espresso and another shot of decaffeinated coffee. Since decaf espresso contains significantly less caffeine content, mixing it with regular espresso can help reduce the total caffeine content of the beverage.

This is not similar to decaf espresso because ½ decaf espresso contains more caffeine and will provide the taste of a caffeinated beverage.

Does Starbucks Sell ½ Decaf Espresso?

Does Starbucks Sell ½ Decaf Espresso?

Currently, on the standard menu of Starbucks, they don’t offer ½ decaf espresso. However, Starbucks will happily serve their customers with 1/2 decaf espresso upon request.

The customer can choose one of the regular espresso-based beverages. The barista will mix it with a decaffeinated blend to make half-decaf espresso.

This way, you can enjoy the beverage’s taste without experiencing caffeine jitters.

How to Prepare ½ Decaf Espresso

How to Prepare ½ Decaf Espresso

There are different methods by which you can prepare ½ decaf coffee. Here you will learn how to prepare this beverage using a single-shot espresso machine

  • First, grind the regular coffee beans to a fine powder and add it to the basket. Using a tamper, even the coffee ground evenly and fix the basket to the machine. And pull a shot of regular espresso. It will take around 30 seconds.
  • Next, you can clean the basket and add the finely ground decaf coffee grounds. Now, using the same steps, pull a shot of decaf espresso.
  • Finally, mixing 50% of the regular espresso with 50% of the decaf espresso will help produce ½ decaf espresso.

Note: Mix the beverages in a 1:1 ratio according to experience to make a perfect ½ decaf espresso. Some people mix regular and decaf espresso in different proportions to obtain the desired taste. Although it is possible to do so, you must know that this may affect the overall caffeine content.

Factors That Affect the Caffeine Content in ½ Decaf Espresso

Factors That Affect the Caffeine Content in ½ Decaf Espresso

Certain factors will affect the taste and the caffeine content of your ½ decaf espresso.

  • First, the quality of the coffee beans. Best-quality coffee beans rich in caffeine will help to produce strong espresso. Hence, ensure that the coffee beans in regular and decaf coffee are fresh and of high quality.
  • The decaffeination method used to remove caffeine from the coffee bean will impact the caffeine content. According to the decaffeination process, the amount of caffeine removed varies. The water process is the best method to remove 99% of the caffeine.
  • The ratio in which you mix the regular and decaf espresso will also affect the total caffeine content (the standard ratio is 1:1). 

Pros of Drinking ½ Decaf Espresso

Pros of Drinking ½ Decaf Espresso

There are some advantages to drinking ½ decaf espresso, a few of which are given below.

  • Some of you prefer something else to regular espresso’s strong taste or bitterness. In such cases, you don’t have to avoid drinking espresso. Instead, you can try mixing it with decaf espresso to prepare ½ decaf espresso. The half-decaf espresso will have less bitterness since the caffeine content is low.
  • Are you hunting for a caffeinated beverage that does not cause jitters? If so, you can try ½ decaf coffee, as it helps you enjoy regular espresso. Also, ½ decaf coffee contains 50% less caffeine than regular espresso, so the beverage will not trigger jitteriness.
  • Suppose you want to limit your daily caffeine intake but do not like the taste of decaf coffee. In that case, you choose ½ decaf beverages, as they also have less caffeine.
  • The half-decaf espresso will provide most of the benefits you will get from caffeine. This beverage will boost your energy level and help increase your focus.

Cons of Drinking ½ Decaf Espresso

Cons of Drinking ½ Decaf Espresso

It is also necessary to know the cons of drinking ½ decaf espresso.

  • Suppose you are caffeine-intolerant or highly sensitive to caffeine. In that case, ½ decaf espresso will not be a good choice, as the caffeine in this beverage may trigger health issues.
  • Caffeine in ½ decaf espresso might help to keep you awake. So it is not suitable to drink this beverage right before bed.

Bottom Line

Now you might understand what ½ decaf coffee is. Since this beverage is not quite as popular as other coffee varieties, some people do not know about it.

½ decaf espresso is manufactured by combining 50% decaf espresso with 50% regular espresso. There are different ways in which you can produce ½ decaf espresso.

In this blog, we have given a simple method to DIY easily. Combining decaf espresso with regular espresso helps reduce the caffeine content and alters the beverage’s taste.

The caffeine in ½ decaf espresso will be approximately 50% less than that in regular espresso.

If you are highly sensitive to caffeine, check out our blog on how to make decaf espresso, as the beverage contains very little caffeine.


Can I Grind Regular and Decaf Coffee Beans Together to Produce ½ Decaf Espresso?

Yes, half-decaf espresso has more caffeine than decaf espresso. And then, brew the coffee grounds as usual to make ½ decaf espresso.

Does ½ Decafe Espresso Contain More Caffeine Than Decaf Espresso?

Yes, half-decaf espresso has more caffeine than decaf espresso. The ½ decaf espresso has 50% less caffeine than regular espresso, while decaf espresso contains around 97% less caffeine than regular espresso.

Is ½ Decaf Espresso Safe?

Yes, this beverage is safe because it has less caffeine. The caffeine in ½ decaf espresso might trigger caffeine-intolerant people, so the best option is decaf espresso.

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