Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It

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Coffee has been the most popular breakfast beverage for years. So, plenty of people are waiting for a cup of coffee every morning.

Also, most of them used to be regular customers of the nearby coffee shops.

But that they have been spending thousands of dollars for years.

Because of that, some tend to buy coffee brewing machines.

However, operating these manual machines are complicated and time-consuming.

Then the built-in coffee machines came into the picture.

They are the most popular coffee machine among many coffee lovers.

So, buying a built-in coffee machine is worth it if you are a daily coffee person. 

Due to the daily price increase of a cup of coffee and the convenience of the machinespending on a built-in coffee machine is a better investment than buying coffee every day. But it depends on the person and the situation.

So, let’s find out why the built-in coffee machines are worth buying.

 Is It Worth Buying a Built-In Coffee Machine?

Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It
Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. Hence, they feel fresh and excited after holding a Starbucks cup early in the morning.

However, spending money on coffee daily can add up to more dollars than a budget for a built-in coffee machine. Built-in coffee machines give store-bought coffee experience to the customers easily. So, using a built-in coffee machine is worth it for people consuming coffee daily.

But you should know a few advantages and disadvantages of buying a coffee machine.

Are built in coffee machine worth it

Advantages Of Built-In Coffee Machines

  • It’s cost-effective if you invest in a coffee machine. You can save all the money you separated on coffee every year. Also, it will save you time and money long run.
  • Convenience- You can start, make a coffee and even clean the machine by pressing a button. Also, this takes away the coffee bean grinding step of other coffee machines. Not only some automated machines are now created to operate using your smartphone.
  • Fresh coffee experience- the machine comes with a grinder. So, it is a bean-to-cup device, and freshly ground beans give you a rich coffee taste in every sip.
  • It gives more space to your kitchen countertop- Because it’s fixed and separate from the countertop, it leaves more space. So, this is the best option for everyone who loves a spacious kitchen.
  • Customised coffee every day comes with many options to customise your coffee. So, you can choose the intense level of your brew. And you can select milk or cream to have with it. So you can have a café quality coffee at home.
  • Automated system-Many machines now come with WIFI compatibility. So, now you can operate the device with your smartphone.

Disadvantages Of Built-In Coffee Machines. 

  • Built-in coffee machines are expensive- Because of the high technology and the added appliance number, built-in coffee machines are expensive compared to other coffee machines. Also, it has been considered a luxurious kitchen appliance for years.
  • Need to maintain- Built-in coffee machines come with a descaling system. So, the users have to descale and clean the system according to the requirement of the device.
  • High maintenance and repair costs – Even though using the machine is very easy, you must take professional support to service it. So you have to call the maintenance service of your machine enterprise to repair it.

What is a Built-in Coffee Machine?

Are built in coffee machines worth it
Are built in coffee machines worth it

Built-in coffee machines are coffee machines that can integrate into your kitchen wall or cabinet.

They are different from other coffee machines because they are fixed in one place, like, microwaves, wall ovens, and refrigerators.

There are two types of built-in coffee machines,

  1. Plumbed coffee machine
  2. Non-plumbed coffee machines.

Plumed coffee machines are directly connected to the kitchen waterline.

So, the user needs professional help with the installation.

However, refilling isn’t required because it’s always connected to the water line.

Non-plumbed coffee machines come with a refillable water reservoir.

So the user can select the place to install the machine.

However, knowing how to use the machine is important no matter what type of coffee machine you have.

How To Use A Built-in Coffee Maker

how to use a built in coffee maker

The interior design of the built-in coffee machine can be different from one brand to another. But all of them come with similar general particles.

So, understanding the purpose of each part of your coffee machine will help you to know how to use a built-in coffee maker.

Here is the best and easy way to use each part of your built-in coffee machine.

Water Reservoir

Water reservoirs come with unplumbed coffee machines. Usually, it can fill up to 10 cups of coffee before refilling. So, purified, clean water will protect your water container from creating calcification limescale.

Coffee Bean Container

Coffee bean container design and capacity can change according to the brand and the model. But usually, it is fixed behind the front control panel.

But cleaning the bean container is essential for a quality coffee experience at home.

Waste Container

After grinding, the coffee machine takes the beans inside and dumps the waste into the waste container. It is also located near the coffee bean container behind the front panel.

So, daily cleaning of the waste container is also important to avoid contamination and bad taste.

Drip Tray

The drip tray is located under the coffee dispenser. You can pull out the drip tray when needed. Also, cleaning it often is essential to avoid mould and food contamination.

Also, keeping the drip tray uncleaned can spread a foul smell inside your kitchen.

Burr grinder

Burr grinder’s functionality can be slightly different from one brand to another. But the process is always similar. Hence following the user manual before starting is essential.

Not only that cleaning it regularly is also important. The oil and other stuff can make your coffee taste terrible over time.

Even though the basic parts are similar in the machine, coffee machines have plenty of differences. So, you should properly consider every fact before investing in a coffee machine.

What to Look For When Buying a Built-In Coffee Maker?

what to look for when buying a coffee machine

There are a few things to think about before considering buying a coffee machine.

Because there are different brands and models in the market you have to choose the machine according to your requirements. So, who should buy a built-in coffee machine? 

Here are a few facts to consider before choosing your coffee machine.

  • Space inside your kitchen- Built-in coffee machines manufactured in different sizes according to the brand and the model. So, you have to select a device that fits into your kitchen’s counter space.
  • How many people will use the machine- Built-in coffee machine sizes can vary from single-cup brewers to multi-cup coffee dispensers. So, consider buying a smaller machine if you plan to use it only for yourself.
  • How many cups of coffee do you drink per day- Some people only need their morning coffee. But others drink a few cups of coffee a day without a drought. When choosing a machine with multiple brewing units that will suit you. Also, this will be the best option for families with different members with different tastes.
  • Budget- Built-in coffee machine prices can change from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. So, you can choose the product after carefully considering the price.

After you decide to buy yourself a built-in coffee machine, you have to select a suitable brand. Each brand comes with different advantages and disadvantages.  

The Best Built-In Coffee Machines

Are built in coffee machines worth it
Are built in coffee machines worth it

If you are considering buying a built-in coffee machine, you may have come across multiple options. They can manufacture from different countries and brands. 

So, now you may be clear about what you need. Here we are providing a few names of the best built-in coffee machines in the market.

Smeg CMSU6451X

This fully automated classic design by the Smeg brand is a non-plumbed built-in coffee machine. It’s made with stainless steel and guarantees the users both digital and manual operating systems.

Also, there are five levels of coffee strength to choose from.

Gaggenau CM470711

The machine comes with a glass door and an automated one-touch control panel. It comes with a continuous flow of heating. But you can choose to plumb it or not.

Especially more than eight types of beverages can make using this machine.

Thermador TCM24TS

Thermador’s built-in coffee machine is automated and can connect with your home WIFI and applications like Alexa. So, it has a remote controlling system.

In addition, it comes with a refillable water tank and a bean grinder attached to it. Also, the machine allows for storing up to eight personalised beverages.

So, you can store all of your family members’ favourite coffee taste details in the machine.

Miele CVA6405

The Miele coffee machine is the most famous among many other brands. It’s a stainless-steel plumbed machine.

It has a touch-sensor operating system and can store up to ten personalised beverage information. In addition, everyone is interested in its auto-descaling system.

Also, the one-touch function of making two coffees at the same time is a plus point.

Bosch BCM8450UC

Bosch’s built-in coffee machine is non-plumbed. It also can connect to your home WIFI and its touch sensor.

Also, users can remotely control and monitor the machine. It also allows users to store up to eight personalised beverage details in the panel.

But how do these built-in coffee machines work? The “barista” built-in and regular coffee machines have similar functionality.

How Does a Built-In Coffee Machine Work?

how does a built in coffee machine work

Built-in coffee machines help users to create store-bought quality coffee at home.

They are different from other countertop coffee machines because it’s a fixed kitchen appliances. Also, it’s rather expensive than other coffee machines.

Coffee in the built-in coffee machine is made after heated water is pumped through the grounded coffee beans.

Most of the built-in coffee machines come with a coffee grinder. So the users can choose coffee beans according to their favourite taste.

Also, users can select the brew strength of the coffee. However, some machines can do these complicated things only using one button.

So, it will be worth spending on a built-in coffee machine. But everyone is curious how many years a user has to replace a built-in coffee machine.

How Long Does a Built-In Coffee Maker Last?

how long does a built in coffee maker last

A coffee machine’s lifespan depends on factors like brand and maintenance. If you maintain your machine properly, a built-in coffee machine can last eight to ten years.

But cleaning and proper maintenance are important. Try to use filtered, fresh water with less hardness. This will help you to reduce the speed of limescale accumulation inside the machine.

If there is any clogging in the pipeline or classification inside the machine, descaling it with the right cleaning product will increase your machine’s lifespan.

Also, carefully handle your water reservoir without spilling water on the machine. And make sure to descale your machine once in three to six months, even if there isn’t any issue inside the machine.

With the increasing popularity among coffee users’ built-in coffee makers are getting positive reviews.

Built-In Coffee Machine Reviews

With the high demand and price, more and more people now tend to brew coffee at home. So many people turn towards built-in coffee machines like other usual kitchen appliances.

Many especially appreciate the built-in coffee machine’s automated system. Because they can be preprogrammed, the system making a cup of coffee is a fingertip work.

Also, many built-in barista coffee machines now have an automated ability to work with home WiFi and applications like Alexa.

This remote-control system attracts many busy users who recommend it to others.


Built-in coffee machines are gaining popularity day by day. However, buying a built-in coffee machine can depend on multiple different factors.

So, the buyer has total freedom to decide whether or not to buy the device.

But with the current financial statement buying a built-in coffee machine is worth it for everyday coffee drinkers. 


Who Makes the Best Built-In Coffee Maker?

Multiple different brands are producing built-in coffee machines with similar features. But Thermador, Miele and Smeg brands make the best built-in coffee machines.

Do Built-in Coffee Makers Make Good Coffee?

Yes, users can make the best quality coffee using a built-in coffee machine. Because the users can freshly grind and brew their coffee according to their taste. So, the machine always guarantees the users the best quality coffee.

Are Fully Automatic Coffee Machines Worth It?

Fully automated coffee machines are worth it for coffee lovers drinking more than one cup of coffee every day. Also, automatic coffee machines with remote controlling options allow users to control the machine with smart devices.

Do Built-in Coffee Machines Need Plumbing In?

No, not all built-in coffee machines need plumbing. Because there are two types of coffee machines plumbed and non-plumbed coffee machines. Users can select according to their preferences.

Is an More Expensive Coffee Maker Worth It?

Investing in an expensive coffee machine is worth it for people spending daily money on a cup of coffee. With the increasing price of food and beverages, it’s worth buying a coffee machine to save money in the long run.

Best Wishes!

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