How To Make Coffee Thicker – Best Tips And Tricks!

How to make coffee thicker

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There are numerous ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

So coffee lovers often try different coffee-making methods except for regular brewed coffee.

While some still prefer instant packet coffee, others try to make their cup of coffee thicker. 

But how to make coffee thicker?

Changing your brewing method like espresso and choosing dark-roasted coffee instead of lightly roasted coffee will give you thick coffee. Also, some additives, like cream and xanthan gum, will increase the thickness of your coffee. 

However, you can make the best cup of coffee using these methods. 

But there is a limit to the thickness you can get using each technique.

But there are plenty of secrets about how can you make coffee thicker. 

Different methods are suitable for other people, according to their preferences.

Here, we are giving you all the tips and tricks for how to make coffee thicker. 

Stay until the end of the article to decide the best way for you.

How to Make Coffee Thicker?

How to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

Some coffee lovers prefer a more dense, honey-like consistency to watery everyday coffee.

Even though there are many methods, many are concerned about the taste differences they get after changing the viscosity.

Here we are giving you the best ways to make coffee thicker in the tastiest way.

Coffee Roast Intensity Can Change the Thickness.

The coffee beans have a high impact on the coffee’s thickness. Hence, how they are processed and roasted can change the consistency and taste of your coffee.

So, according to the experts, choosing dark roast coffee beans over light roast coffee beans always gives you a thicker consistency.

The natural oils present in the coffee beans are packed inside the bean.

 Roasting makes the beans more porous, making extracting the oils easier .

So, dark roasted coffee is oily and has a thicker consistency. 

Also, this helps to extract other residues that help to make the coffee thicker.

And, coffee lovers can easily buy dark-roasted coffees online from different brands. 

Here, we recommend you try Starbucks ground dark coffee and Solimo dark roast coffee pods for the best results.

The Correct Brewing Method Selection Will Make Your Coffee Thicker.

There are a few methods for brewing coffee. However, a few brewing methods help extract more coffee solubles than others. 

So, using an espresso machine, Moka pot, or French press is the most common way to make thick coffee.

But if you use the traditional coffee brewing method, you can only get a drink with more water. And those brewing methods give you coffee with a higher coffee percentage.

There are a few reasons for that.

For example, the espresso machine uses high pressure (9 bars). Because of this, it extracts most of the coffee solubles.

Although numerous espresso machines are on the market, De’Longhi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is the most popular among customers.

A Moka pot is the best solution for those who dislike investing in an espresso machine. However, it uses lower pressure than an espresso machine.

But it gives you more coffee than a regular coffee brewing machine.

So, many recommend the Bialetti Express Moka Pot machine to buy if you are also interested in making coffee thicker without an espresso machine.

Also, the French press is commonly used for making thick coffee. Because it doesn’t use paper filters, oils and other coffee residues are entirely mixed with the coffee.

Even the coffee does not have a strong flavour, producing a richer and thicker consistency.

Try using Cafe Du Chateau The Original Glass French Press Coffee, for best results. 

Add Ingredients To Your Coffee To Increase The Thickness.

The brewing method and the coffee roast can only change the coffee’s thickness to a certain extent. 

But you can change the thickness of your coffee cup by adding other ingredients.

For example, we all know that milk makes your coffee thicker. So, you can use corn starch or xanthan gum for the same purpose.

However, using additives could also increase the thickness of coffee brewed with espresso and other methods that increase coffee’s viscosity.

Also, you can easily buy corn starch and xanthan gum on Amazon.

But how did your coffee become thicker because of these processes?

How Your Coffee Became Thicker?

How to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

Oils and acids present in the coffee beans make the formula thicker. 

So if you want a thicker cup of coffee, select coffee beans with a high essential oil concentration.

Even if you have the best coffee beans, the brewing method can change the result because only a technique that can extract the full amount of oil-soluble can increase the thickness.

So you have to;

Choose the right coffee beans and

Choose the correct brewing method to make your coffee thicker.

Why Is My Coffee So Thin?

How to make coffee thicker
How to make Coffee Thicker

Any coffee lover can be upset when they receive a watery coffee. But the question is, why is that happening?

There are a few reasons why your coffee tastes watery. 

The ratio between coffee and water or the oil extraction rate can be a reason. 

At the same time, the coffee bean grind size and water quality can also affect the thickness.

However, the coffee-to-water ratio is the most common reason for watery coffee. 

So 1g of coffee to 18 g of water(1:18)consider the golden ratio. But regular drip coffee has around a 1:17 ratio.

Coffee type Coffee to water ratio
Regular brew coffee
French press
Moka pot
Cold brew

But some other factors affect the thickness of coffee.

What Can Affect The Thickness Of Your Coffee?

how to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

All of us think that things that happen while preparing the coffee only affect the thickness of the coffee.

But there are a few other factors affecting the thickness of coffee. 

Many of these determine the coffee beans’ number of oils, acids, and carbohydrates.

Your Coffee Bean’s Origin Affects Thickness

Just like humans, the place of origin of your coffee bean affects the characteristics of the coffee. 

Also, there are considerable differences in the physicochemical structure of the plants.

These factors affect the flavour and the buildup of the coffee beans. 

So imagine you planted coffee from a different country. 

And you can experience a different taste and a slightly different thickness from the coffee in your country.

Growing Region Affects Your Coffee’s Thickness

The origin and taste of the coffee can change according to where they are grown.

The conditions, like the soil and weather, significantly impact the compound development in the beans. 

So beans are grown at higher altitudes, and volcanic soils are considered to have a richer consistency.

It’s because the trees take much longer to grow in those places. 

And slow growth, soil consistency, and climate changes change the nutrition content inside the bean.

This creates a different, more complex formula than coffee grown in other regions. 

So, coffee grown in Vietnam, Guatemala, and Ethiopia is famous for its thickness.

We recommend trying Guatemala coffee and Ethiopian coffee to understand the differences.

Fresher Coffee Beans Make Thicker Coffee

Many users say fresh coffee beans give thicker coffee than old coffee beans. 

So, many prefer the beans in the first six months after manufacturing.

And ground coffee powder is recommended for use within two weeks.

This is because nutrition and inner consistency can change over time.

It’s because many components react with oxygen after exposure.

This process (oxidation) can break down oils and other solubles inside the beans. 

So this reduces the richness of the coffee. 

Processing Method Affects Your Coffee’s Thickness

Mainly there are two different coffee-processing methods.

 It is

  1. Dry method
  2. Wet method

The outer skin ( coffee cherry) is dried with the bean in the dry method. 

So, the sugars and flavours in the skin absorb all the flavours from the skin.

This makes the coffee thicker and richer over time. 

However, the wet method separates the skin from the bean first.

It results in coffee beans with lower sugar content.

So we recommend using dry processed coffee to have thicker coffee.

3 Ways How You Can Make Coffee Thicker?  

how to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

There are a few things to consider to make coffee thicker: 

From temperature to tamping and the cleanliness of the machine, there are many things to consider while making coffee. 

But there are three main things to consider when preparing a viscous coffee cup. 

You can choose according to your preferences.

Increase Extraction.

No matter what type of coffee you use, the beans contain high amounts of oils and other solubles.

 So as a percentage, it’s around 25%–30%. 

And you need to extract at least 23% of them into your brew to make thick coffee. 

Also, pay attention to the water ratio.

However, you don’t need to extract the whole soluble because the last part is bitter.

Avoid Paper Filters.  

Oils in the coffee are the main reason for the thickness of your coffee. 

Oils make us feel a thickness in every sip.

But the coffee filter papers can filter all those oils easily. 

This makes the feel and taste of the coffee different.

So if you like to feel that thickness in every sip, try to make your coffee without paper filters.

Read The Tasting Notes.

Most coffee lovers need to learn more about the coffee they drink daily. Also, many need more time to research it. 

So, reading the tasting note is the best way to know what you are consuming. For example, to drink lighter coffee, check for words like “light-bodied”, “citrus,” and “apple.” 

And for thicker coffee, “dark,” “cocoa,” “dark roasted,” and “full body” words are specially mentioned.

So you can choose the suitable type easily without worrying whether it will make thick coffee.

Despite all these things, you can increase the viscosity of your coffee.

How To Make Coffee Thicker With Additives For Thickness?

How to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

The brewing method and roasting intensity will sometimes stay the same as your preferred thickness. So you can then increase the thickness by adding ingredients.

Add Dairy

Milk has been coffee’s best friend for hundreds of years. 

It gives coffee a creamy taste with a thicker consistency.

But regular milk doesn’t make that difference like other milk products.

 For example, heavy and whipped cream makes the drink denser than regular milk.

Also, some use condensed milk to make it thicker and sweeter.

 But this method may not be for you if you are a dark coffee lover.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is the most commonly used ingredient for making coffee thicker. 

Even the bigger coffee chains like Starbucks use it.

 Also, you can achieve the expected thickness with a small quantity. 

And it doesn’t change the taste that much.

So it feels more like a latte than a black coffee. 

Because of that, you must use an egg whisk and whisk it thoroughly.

Some also use corn starch for a similar purpose.

Add Whipped Egg Yolks

Egg yolks are also commonly used for increasing the thickness of your coffee. 

But this gives the best results with thicker coffee, like espresso.

But some may not prefer using raw eggs in their coffee. 

So if you love to experience new tastes, this is a new drink. 

Add A Powder

Not only the Xanthan gum and corn starch; some people add other powders, like potato starch, to the drink.

Milk powder is also a good additive to increase the thickness. 

These powders thicken any liquid you add.

 Let’s see the popular coffee recipes.

Thick Coffee Recipes.

Espresso Coffee

How to make coffee thicker
How to make coffee thicker

There are plenty of Espresso coffee machines in the market you can choose from easily. 

And making espresso is the easiest way to make thick and strong coffee.

Because it has more coffee concentration than other coffee types in the market. 

The machine runs hot water through the highly concentrated coffee grounds.

Also, high pressure is a reason for the thickness of the coffee.

 And it makes a thick creamy layer on the top.

And the oils inside the coffee beans and the air bubbles give the thick and velvety texture.

Here is a simple step to making espresso using an espresso machine,

  1. Fill the coffee machine with water and activate the heating function for preheating.
  2. Add finely-ground coffee beans to the portafilter.
  3. After compacting the coffee grounds firmly, put the portafilter into the machine.
  4. Start the extraction by pressing the starting button.
  5. Stop finely ground when you have the right amount of coffee.

Making espresso is the best and easiest way to make thick and strong coffee at home.

Vietnamese Coffee

how to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

Because of the coffee bean type and the brewing method, Vietnamese coffee is thicker than many other coffee brands worldwide.

It usually is filtered using a special metal drip filter called “Phin”.

It’s the reason for developing a unique, strong flavour over time.

Also, Vietnamese coffee always uses dark roast coffee.

It makes it thicker and stronger.

Here is a simple guide on how to make Vietnamese coffee,

1. Add one to two sweetened condensed milk into the bottom of the coffee cup.

2. Take a Vietnamese coffee filter and put 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee on the filter.

3. Pour water into the filter and let it drip until the last best drop.

4. Stir the coffee well until the coffee mixing with the condensed milk.

5. Happily enjoy the coffee.

Dalgona Coffee

how to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

Dalgona Coffee has become one of the most famous coffees on social media during the past few years.

The whipping process makes the coffee thicker. And it made the frothy texture and increased the volume.

Also, Sugar act as a thickening agent. Here is the best and easy guide on how to make Dalgona coffee in a few steps.

  1. Mix an equal amount of instant coffee and sugar with hot water in a bowl.
  2. Mix it with a whisk or an electric mixture to make it thick and bubbly.
  3. Put the mixture on top of a glass of milk and ice.
  4. Mix well and enjoy it.

However, knowing an easy guide on how to make coffee thicker is important.

Easy Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Thick Coffee. –

How to make coffee thicker
how to make coffee thicker

There are hundreds of ways to make thick coffee. Here are the directions for how to make a thick coffee

  1. Select high-quality coffee beans and find the best coffee bean grinder
  2. Boil the water in a kettle while the beans are grinding.
  3. Add ground coffee to the French press and manage the ratio to 1: 10
  4. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Add finely ground coffee into the coffee before pouring the coffee into the cup.
  6. Add cream, powder or thickening agents as your taste.
  7. Then you can enjoy the coffee hot or cold.


Many enjoy coffee in different thicknesses.

Some enjoy thicker coffee than regular store-bought instant coffee.

So you can choose according to your taste.

Also, there are plenty of brands with thick coffee in the market.

You can also follow different methods to increase the thickness, like changing the brewing method and adding ingredients.

However, it always depends on the user’s selection.


How Do You Make Coffee Less Watery?

You can make coffee less watery by changing the size of the coffee grind, changing the amount of coffee to water, using the correct brewing method, and roasting the coffee beans more.

How Do You Make Thick Coffee At Home?

Making espresso is the easiest way to make thick coffee at home. You can also add milk or creamer to increase the thickness of your coffee.

Does Creamer Make Coffee Thicker?

Yes, creamer and milk always increase the thickness of the coffee. It changes the texture of the coffee and enhances its thickness.

Should Coffee Be Thick?

Experts say thicker coffee has richer and more authentic flavours than other coffees. So, as it extracts the best taste, many prefer thicker coffee.

So. enjoy your coffee!

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