Does cinnamon repel scorpions?

Does cinnamon repel scorpions

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Scorpions are arachnids, and are related to spiders and mites. There are approximately 2,000 species of scorpions found all over the world. Scorpions range in size from less than an inch to over eight inches in length. They have a pair of large pincers, or chelicerae, and a long, segmented tail that Ends in a sting. Most scorpions are nocturnal predators that hunt insects and small animals. Some species of scorpions can also inject venom through their sting, which can be harmful or even deadly to humans. However, the vast majority of scorpions are not dangerous to people, and many people actually keep them as pets.

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not cinnamon repels scorpions. The short answer is yes, cinnamon does repel scorpions.

Scorpions are attracted to the warmth and humidity of homes, making them a common pest in many parts of the world. However, they are also very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Because cinnamon is a natural drying agent, it can help to create an environment that is unsuitable for scorpions. Simply sprinkle some cinnamon around the perimeter of your home, and you should see a reduction in the number of scorpions.

What is in cinnamon that repels scorpions?

While cinnamon is known for its delicious flavor and health benefits, recent studies have shown that it also has the ability to repel scorpions. In fact, cinnamon oil has been shown to be more effective at repelling these pests than some of the most popular chemical pesticides. The exact mechanism by which cinnamon oil repels scorpions is not yet known, but it is thought that the oil interferes with the development of their exoskeletons. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that cinnamon is a powerful tool in the fight against these dangerous pests.

Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which is toxic to scorpions. When this compound is diffused into the air, it creates an environment that is unpleasant for scorpions and other pests. In addition to being an effective repellent, cinnamon is also safe for use around humans and pets. As a result, it is an ideal option for those who are looking for a natural way to keep scorpions away from their home.

How to use cinnamon to repel scorpions

Cinnamon is a powerful spice with a variety of uses, both culinary and medicinal. This fragrant spice can also be used to repel scorpions. Scorpions are attracted to the sweetness of cinnamon, so sprinkling it around your home can help keep them away.

Additionally, the strong scent of cinnamon can help to mask the scent of their prey, making it more difficult for them to find food. If you’re dealing with a scorpion infestation, try dusting cinnamon around the perimeter of your home. You may also want to add some to any areas where they seem to congregate. With time and patience, you should be able to effectively use cinnamon to repel scorpions from your home.

Additional ways to use cinnamon around the home to repel scorpians

In addition to using cinnamon around the home to repel scorpions, here are a few other ways to take advantage of this spice: 

Cinnamon can also be used as a natural insecticide. Mix together equal parts ground cinnamon and water, and use it to spray down areas where bugs are a problem. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture for an extra boost.

If you have trouble with mice or rats, try sprinkling some cinnamon around their point of entry. The scent will help to keep them away. You can also make a paste of cinnamon and peppermint oil, and apply it to any areas where you see gnaw marks.

Finally, cinnamon can be used as a natural air freshener. Simply simmer water and cinnamon sticks on the stove, or DIY your own potpourri by adding dried orange peel, cloves, and other aromatic spices. Your home will smell warm and inviting – and scaly critters will stay far away!

The benefits of using cinnamon to repel scorpions

As anyone who has been stung by a scorpion knows, these venomous pests can be a serious threat to your health. They are also notoriously difficult to control, as they can squeeze into tiny spaces and reproduce quickly. However, there is one tool that may be able to help you keep scorpions at bay: cinnamon.

Cinnamon oil acts as a natural insecticide, and its strong scent helps to repel scorpions. In addition, cinnamon is safe to use around children and pets, making it an ideal way to protect your home from these dangerous pests. So next time you see a scorpion in your house, reach for the cinnamon instead of the pesticide. It just might be the key to keeping these pests under control.

The drawbacks of using cinnamon for scorpians

While cinnamon is an effective repellent for scorpions, there are a few drawbacks to using this spice.

First, it can be difficult to find in some areas. If you live in a remote location, you may have to order cinnamon online or purchase it from a specialty store. Additionally, some people may be allergic to cinnamon. If you experience any irritation after using this spice, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Finally, while cinnamon is safe for use around humans and pets, it can be toxic to certain animals if ingested in large quantities. As such, it is important to keep this spice out of reach of children and pets.

Despite these drawbacks, cinnamon is still an effective and natural way to repel scorpions. If you’re dealing with a scorpion problem, give this spice a try – you may be surprised at the results!

Have you ever used cinnamon to repel scorpions? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

Additional tips for keeping scorpions out of your home

In addition to using cinnamon, there are a few other things you can do to keep scorpions out of your home.

First, make sure to seal any cracks or openings in your home. Scorpions can squeeze through tiny spaces, so it’s important to check for any potential entry points. You may also want to install screens on your windows and doors.

Next, keep your home clean and clutter-free. Scorpions like to hide in dark, moist places, so decluttering and regularly cleaning your house will make it less inviting for them.

Finally, try to eliminate their food source by keeping your yard free of insects. If there’s nothing for them to eat, they’ll be less likely to stick around!

By following these tips, you can help to keep scorpions out of your home and protect yourself from their harmful stings.

FAQs about using cinnamon to repel scorpions

How long does cinnamon last as a repellent?

Cinnamon oil can last for several months when used as a repellent. However, the scent will eventually fade, so you may need to reapply it every few weeks or so.

Can I use cinnamon if I have pets?

Yes, cinnamon is safe to use around pets. However, you should keep it out of reach of animals that might ingest it, as it can be toxic in large quantities.

I’m allergic to cinnamon. Can I still use it as a repellent?

If you’re allergic to cinnamon, you should not use it as a repellent. Doing so could cause irritation or other health problems.

Can I make my own scorpion repellent with cinnamon?

Yes, you can make your own scorpion repellent by mixing cinnamon oil with water. Just be sure to use a ratio of 1 part oil to 10 parts water, as using too much oil could be harmful to your health. You can also add a few drops of oil to a diffuser to help keep scorpions away.


Cinnamon oil is an effective, natural repellent for scorpions. While there are a few drawbacks to using this spice, it is still a safe and effective way to keep these pests under control. If you’re dealing with a scorpion problem, give cinnamon a try – you may be surprised at the results!

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