Does Decaf Coffee Help You Lose Weight? A Few Important Things You Must Know!

Does Decaf Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

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Decaf coffee is becoming popular in various coffee shops. Especially people who are limiting their daily caffeine intake tend to choose decaf coffee.

This decaffeinated beverage removes 97% of the caffeine from the Arabica coffee beans. However, this beverage is not 100% caffeine-free, as it will have around 3mg of caffeine per cup.

A frequently asked question is, “Does decaf coffee help you lose weight?” This article will provide some essential facts about decaffeinated coffee and weight loss.

Many medical studies have found that decaf coffee can help reduce weight. This is major because of the low-calorie content of decaf coffee. Instead, it is not associated with the calorie-burning process of caffeine. 

This article provides complete knowledge on how decaf coffee will support your weight loss routine.

Can Decaf Coffee Help Weight Loss?

Can Decaf Coffee Help Weight Loss?

To cut a long story short, yes, decaf coffee will help with weight loss. This might need clarification about how this is possible since a cup of decaf coffee contains only 3 mg of caffeine.

Decaf is indeed produced by removing around 97% of the caffeine. Although the caffeine content is low in decaf coffee, you can include it in your keto diet as it contains few calories.

To verify whether decaf coffee impacts a person’s weight loss journey, Phytothérapie scientific French conducted a clinical review.

Here, one participant group was provided with decaffeinated green coffee. At the same time, the others got the placebo after sixty days of consuming 400 mg of decaf green coffee they checked on the results.

Those who drank the decaffeinated beverage lost 5.7% of their initial weight. At the same time, those who received the placebo lost 2.8% of their body weight.

How Will Decaf Coffee Support Weight Loss?

How Will Decaf Coffee Support Weight Loss?

Let’s elaborate more on how decaf coffee helps weight loss. Following are the main ways through which decaf coffee helps shed pounds.

Metabolism Rate Increases

You might know that food will absorb slowly when the metabolism increases, and this reduces weight gain. Decaf coffee will help to improve your metabolism rate.

Since caffeine is very low in decaffeinated beverages, you cannot expect a similar result when drinking regular coffee.

As a result, taking decaf coffee along with your weight loss exercise can yield significant results.

Fat Burning

Decaf coffee contains a small amount of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The combination of these compounds will help with weight loss.

The process will take time, so consistency is essential throughout the weight loss journey.

Controls Appetite

The chlorogenic acid in decaf coffee will help suppress the appetite, making you eat less. The more you cut out excessive food, the more you lose weight.

How Many Calories Are in Decaf Coffee?

How Many Calories Are in Decaf Coffee?

Eight ounces of decaf coffee contains no calories. Suppose you take any caffeine-free beverages with high calories, like lemon soda (104 calories per 8-ounce serving), then you can replace them with decaf coffee to promote weight loss.

Imagine you are consuming an 8-ounce cup of lemon soda daily. Then 104*7 is equal to 728 calories.

Therefore replacing it with zero-calorie beverages like decaf coffee will lead to a 728-calorie deficit per week. Consistently if you follow the diet and workout, you may lose around 8 pounds in a year.

Other Health Benefits You Will Get From Decaf Coffee

Other Health Benefits You Will Get From Decaf Coffee

Apart from weight loss, there are many other health benefits that you can obtain from decaf coffee. Following are a few of those health benefits:

  • Magnesium present in decaf coffee keeps the body’s sugar level stable. Hence, it reduces the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It helps to uplift your mood by preventing anxiety and depression.
  • As an 8-ounce decaf coffee contains no calories, this beverage will not cause stomach upsets.
  • Decaf coffee contains very little caffeine, so it will not disturb our sleep routine.

Drinking Decaf Coffee in Your Weight Loss Routine

As mentioned, decaf coffee will improve weight loss. In contrast, knowing how to include decaf coffee in your weight loss diet is important.

Although decaf coffee contains zero calories, decaf with creamer and sweeteners will have calories. Hence, knowing how to drink decaf coffee to promote weight loss is crucial.

An easy way of preparing your weight-loss decaf recipe is below.

  • Finely grind the decaf coffee grounds. You can use the blender for this.
  • Transfer the decaf coffee powder to your mug and pour hot water over it.
  • Now stir well and enjoy the beverage.  

How Many Cups of Decaf Coffee Can You Take Daily?

How Many Cups of Decaf Coffee Can You Take Daily?

The most important thing you must know is how much decaf coffee content you can consume daily. 

Generally, many studies mention that 400 mg of caffeine daily is safe for adults. In contrast, this may differ depending on your health, age, and weight.400 mg means consuming around 4-5 cups of decaf coffee. 

According to the decaffeination method, the caffeine content in your decaf coffee will change. Therefore, it is essential to check the label to verify how much caffeine is present in the coffee.

Further, pregnant and breastfeeding women must not consume caffeinated beverages, including coffee.

Decaf Coffee Vs Regular Coffee

Regular coffee contains more caffeine to help burn fat. Although this beverage will improve weight loss, you must also know that it has some side effects.

Coffee can give you jitters, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia.

Therefore, decaf coffee, along with a consistent diet and workout, will help to reduce weight with fewer or no side effects.

Final Thoughts

After reading the blog, you might understand how decaf coffee can enhance weight loss. It is scientifically proven that decaf coffee reduces weight.

In contrast, it does not happen as a miracle. You must also maintain a consistent workout schedule and eat a healthy diet. You can include decaf coffee to reduce weight by limiting caffeine intake.

We hope this blog was informative. For more exciting information on decaf coffee, you can check our recent blog, “Can You Have Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast?”.


Will Decaf Coffee Burn Fat from Your Body?

Yes, combining chlorogenic acid and caffeine in decaf coffee will help burn fat.

What is the Best Decaf Coffee for Weight Loss?

Since there are different methods of producing decaf coffee, you must choose the best method to lose weight.

The best and safest weight-loss option is Swiss water process decaffeinated coffee.

Does Decaf COffee Increase Blood Sugar?

No, because it contains no calories and little caffeine, Decaf coffee will keep your blood sugar stable.

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