How to Make Decaf Espresso: Three Different Methods That You Must Know!

How to Make Decaf Espresso

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An appetizing and energy-boosting beverage will always be an excellent option during a chilling evening or after getting back from work.

Coffee is one such beverage that helps improve your energy level. Sometimes, considering your health conditions, you might have to limit caffeine intake.

You don’t have to cut off the coffee in such a situation. Instead, you can go for alternatives like decaf coffee.

Some people ask whether they can make decaf espresso. Yes, espresso can also be decaf, and in this blog, you will learn how to prepare decaffeinated espresso.

Get your espresso machine and high-quality decaf coffee beans.

Similar to regular espresso, pull the espresso shots. Initially, finely grind the decaf coffee beans. Then you can dial the grid size and extraction time. This way, making different types of espresso-based decaf coffee, like cappuccinos and lattes, is possible.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about making decaf espresso.

What is Decaf Espresso?

Before discussing the method of preparing decaf espresso, let’s understand what it is.

A common misconception many have is that decaf espresso is made using a special type of coffee bean. This is false since espresso is typically a different method of brewing coffee.

Hence, you prepare espresso using regular coffee beans, but the method differs.

When preparing decaf espresso, you will be using roasted decaf coffee beans. The decaf coffee beans are medium or dark-roasted, which would be optimal for making espresso.

How to Make Decaf Espresso: DIY Process

High-quality coffee beans and a countertop espresso machine are essential for making decaf espresso at home.

They would help produce excellent decaf espresso that tastes similar to what you get from coffee shops. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can go for alternatives like the Moka pot or French press.

Method 1: Countertop Espresso Machine

This method teaches you how to make decaf espresso using a countertop machine.

  1. Grinding the coffee beans into a fine powder would be best. The double shot of espresso will need around 18 grams of coffee, while the single shot requires 9 grams.
  2. Next, fill the coffee grounds into the basket and press the coffee using the tamper. Filling the coffee grounds evenly will help produce the best quality coffee.
  3. Now you can pull the shot. This may take around 25 to 30 seconds. If the time taken to pull the shot is shorter or longer than the ideal time, this is because of the coffee grind. Hence, experimenting is essential to finding the ideal grind for your espresso machine.

Method 2: Moka Pot

When brewing coffee, the moka pot passes boiling water pressurized by steam through the coffee grounds.

This is an electric or stove-top coffee maker. When making decaf espresso using a moka pot, follow the instructions below.

  1. Grind the decaf coffee beans similar to the consistency of grinding coffee beans for drip coffee. This coffee’s ground consistency will be like table salt.
  2. Fill the reservoir with cold water until you reach the fill line.
  3. Fill the coffee basket with decaf coffee grounds after inserting it into the water reservoir. Avoid packing the coffee grounds to prevent too much pressure during coffee brewing.
  4. After assembling the moka pot, place it on the stove at a medium flame. Although this may take a long time, it will help produce a flavorful decaf espresso. The lid must be open until the coffee comes out of the spout. When the moka pot makes a hissing sound, please remove it from the stove and allow it to finish brewing.

Method 3: French Press

Another excellent alternative to an espresso machine is the French press.

  1. Grind the decaf coffee beans (a half cup) to a medium-fine grind.
  2. Heat the water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (you will need ¾ cup of water).
  3. Next, add the heated water to the decaf coffee ground and stir it well. Allow it for around four minutes.
  4. Slowly plunge the coffee by depressing the plunger. Your decaf espresso is ready to enjoy!

Note: When making decaf espresso using a French press, it will be difficult to stain if you grind the coffee into a too-fine powder. Hence, it would be best if you ground the coffee beans medium-fine.

Why Drink Decaf Espresso?

Coffee is essential for most people, especially those with a western diet. There are various health benefits present in coffee.

Many studies have found that other than the 21% of antioxidants from food, 79% are from beverages like coffee. Although coffee has several advantages, excessive caffeine has some cons.

Hence, decaf coffee beans will be an excellent idea if you plan to limit caffeine intake. Since decaf espresso is also made using decaf coffee beans, this beverage contains only a very small amount of caffeine.

Therefore, switching to decaf coffee or espresso is an excellent option for caffeine-intolerant people, pregnant women, and someone suffering from anxiety or insomnia.

Bottom Line

Now you might understand how to prepare decaf espresso in several ways.

However, preparing decaf coffee using finely ground, best-quality coffee beans and a high-quality espresso machine will help you obtain the flavor you will get in store-bought decaf espresso.

Although decaffeinated coffee beans contain less caffeine, they have almost all the health benefits you will receive from regular coffee. Check our recent blog on “what is a decaf americano“, a beverage made using decaf espresso.

So, enjoy your evening cup of decaf cappuccino without sleepless nights or caffeine jitters!


Can I Make Decaf Espresso Without the Espresso Machine?

Yes, the espresso machine is not mandatory to prepare decaf espresso. You can make it in similar flavors using alternatives like a moka pot or French press.

Can You Make Decaf Cold Brew?

You prepare decaf cold brew by following the same procedures as for making regular cold brew coffee. The only difference is that you will use decaf coffee beans instead of regular coffee beans.

Will Decaf Espresso Cause Insomnia?

Decaf espresso contains a very small amount of caffeine, so your sleep routine will remain the same. In contrast, if you drink regular coffee at night, this caffeine content will boost alertness, which will cause insomnia.

Is Decaf Espresso Caffeine-Free?

No, decaf espresso is not caffeine-free. Since you will be producing decaf coffee from 97% decaffeinated coffee beans, there will be a tiny amount of caffeine content. Anyway, this will have little impact on your health.

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