Does Insurance Cover Shopping Cart Damage? Read This Before Filing an Insurance Claim!

Does Insurance Cover Shopping Cart Damage?

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You might find stores filled with people when shopping during the busiest hours, but there will be fewer staff in the parking lot as they are busy. 

Usually, the staff clears any shopping carts and puts them back in the cart corrals. The shopping stores have cart organizers or corrals to keep carts organized when they are not in use. 

It is best if the customer puts the shopping cart in the cart corral after he completes the purchase.

In contrast, some customers leave in the parking lot. This is why shopping cart damage has become a common issue. No one would like to return from the store and see a shopping cart bumping into their car. However, shopping cart damage often happens, and many people ask who is liable for the fault.

If you are trying to file an insurance claim for shopping cart damage, you must read this blog before doing so.

The auto insurance company is responsible for covering the shopping cart damages if you have full coverage. Generally, shopping cart damages cause minor dents or scratches in your vehicle. For such minor injuries, filing an insurance claim is not worthwhile, as the deductible will exceed the cost of repairs. However, if there is significant damage to your vehicle due to shopping cart damage, you may file an insurance claim.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car or vehicle insurance is for road vehicles like trucks, motorcycles, and cars. This insurance financially protects against physical damages and assumes financial liability during traffic collisions. 

Hence, the insurance company will provide financial support during any vehicle accident, robbery, or damage. 

Therefore, you must check on auto insurance when purchasing a car, as it will be helpful during accidents that are out of your control. 

There are two major types of car insurance: partial and full coverage. The partial car insurance will only cover third-party liabilities.

On the other hand, full-coverage car insurance will cover both third-party and the policyholder’s damage. 

Usually, car insurance is mainly used during road accidents where the policyholder’s vehicle or the people in the car get injured. 

So will the insurance cover shopping cart damage to your vehicle? Read further to find the answer!

Is The Insurance Company Liable for Shopping Cart Damage

Is The Insurance Company Liable for Shopping Cart Damage

There are various insurance plans available today. Hence, you must be very cautious when purchasing the right insurance plan to cover different types of property damage. 

It is essential to know that not all auto insurance will cover shopping cart damages. If you have purchased basic liability or partial insurance, this might not cover shopping cart damages.

In contrast, full coverage or comprehensive car insurance will cover such damage. Since shopping cart damage is considered a collision with an object, the insurance company will review the incident under collision insurance. 

You can file an insurance claim for a runaway shopping cart if you have the right policy.

How to File an Insurance Claim for Shopping Cart Damage

How to File an Insurance Claim for Shopping Cart Damage

Some people do not know how to file an insurance claim after a shopping cart collision. Here are a few steps to follow if you notice a runaway shopping cart colliding with your car and causing damage:

Step 1: Check on Your Insurance Plan

Ensure that you check on the auto insurance plan that you are holding. 

As mentioned, not all car insurance policies cover shopping cart accidents. If you have full coverage insurance, you can proceed to the next step of filing the claim.

Step 2: Document the Accident

The next crucial step is documenting the shopping cart collision.

 If the shopping cart is still in place, take clear pictures using the camera before moving it. Also, take a few photos of the damage caused to your car. 

These pictures will be the legal proof.

Step 3: Call the Insurance Company

The auto insurance provider is the first person to be informed about the accident. You will probably have the contact details of your auto insurance on the card lent to you by the company. 

Contact the insurance company and file a claim by providing the facts about the incident. You may also file it via the company’s website.

 Additionally, you may also inform your agent if necessary.

How Much is the Deductible for an Insurance Claim Related to Shopping Cart Damage?

How Much is the Deductible for an Insurance Claim Related to Shopping Cart Damage?

Most collision coverages involve a deductible, which has to be paid by the policyholder. You can choose the collision deductible amount when purchasing the coverage. 

Often, the collision deductible ranges from $250 to $1000. Imagine you have purchased a $500 deductible collision coverage policy. During the collision, the company will ask you to pay $ 500 as a deductible if you file an insurance claim. 

Therefore, before filing an insurance claim for shopping cart damages, you must think twice about whether the deductible will exceed the repair cost.

Generally, shopping cart collisions cause minor damage to the vehicle. These tiny dents will be fixed for around $100. 

If the damage is minor, checking the repair cost with an auto repair service before filing an insurance claim is better. 

However, filing an insurance claim is worth it for larger dents because the repair cost will be more than the deductible.

Bottom Line

Now it might be apparent that your full-coverage insurance policy will cover shopping cart damages to your vehicle. If the purchased insurance policy does not include collision coverage, you must pay out of pocket for shopping cart damages. 

For minor dents, the best option is to spend out of pocket, as the repair cost will be much less than the deductible you must pay to the insurance company. 

Depending on the location, the force of the shopping cart, and the type of your vehicle, the severity of the damages will vary. 

If the shopping cart collision has caused extensive injuries, you may file a claim with your full-coverage insurance policy.


What Type of Insurance Policy Covers Shopping Car Damages?

The full coverage policy will consider shopping cart damages under collision coverage. This coverage will cover shopping cart damages but includes a deductible.

How Much Do I Have to Pay as a Deductible for Collision Coverage?

This depends on the amount you choose when purchasing the coverage. The range of deductible costs usually varies from $250 to $1000.

Is Filing an Insurance Claim for Shopping Cart Damage Worthy?

In most situations, it is better not to file an insurance claim for shopping cart damage, as the repair cost will be lower than deductibles. 

If there are extensive damages, it is worth filing an insurance claim.

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