Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker Review – Refreshing Iced Coffee & Flavorful Hot Coffee in One

Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker Review - Refreshing Iced Coffee & Flavorful Hot Coffee in One

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As a coffee enthusiast who loves both hot and iced coffee, the Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker has been a game-changer in my daily coffee routine.

This multitalented coffee maker delivers refreshingly delicious iced coffee and full-flavored hot coffee, all in one convenient machine.

From its brew customization options to its energy-efficient design, the Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker has quickly become my go-to for fast and fresh-brewed coffee.

Special Features

The Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker boasts a range of special features that cater to different coffee preferences:

1. Brew Over Ice Technology: The Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker’s Brew Over Ice button automatically adjusts the brew temperature, starting hotter to extract full flavor, then cooling down to minimize ice melt. This technology ensures that your iced coffee is vibrant, balanced, and never tastes watered down. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or you need a refreshing pick-me-up, this feature delivers the perfect cup of iced coffee.

2. Strong Brew Setting: For those who prefer a bolder and more intense hot coffee, the Strong Brew setting comes to the rescue. This feature enhances the flavor profile of your hot coffee, giving you a more robust and satisfying coffee experience.

3. Multiple Cup Sizes: With three cup sizes to choose from—8, 10, and 12oz—you have the flexibility to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. For iced coffee lovers, the 12oz setting includes space for ice, ensuring your coffee remains cool and refreshing.

4. Removable Reservoir: The 42oz removable reservoir is a practical feature that allows you to brew up to 4 cups of coffee between refills. This convenience makes it ideal for both individual coffee enthusiasts and those hosting small gatherings.

5. Iced Tumbler Friendly: The Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker’s removable drip tray accommodates tumblers and travel mugs up to 7” tall, making it easy to brew your coffee directly into your favorite on-the-go container. It’s also designed to hold a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.

6. Energy Efficient: The coffee maker’s auto-off feature turns off the machine 5 minutes after the last brew, helping to save energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

7. Compatibility with My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter: For those who prefer to use their own ground coffee, the Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker is compatible with the My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter, giving you the freedom to brew using your preferred coffee grounds (sold separately).

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping the Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker in top-notch condition is essential to ensure its optimal performance and prolong its lifespan. Fortunately, maintaining and cleaning this coffee maker is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design.

1. Regular Cleaning Routine: To maintain the freshness and quality of your coffee, it’s crucial to establish a regular cleaning routine. After each use, remove and empty the drip tray to avoid any spills or overflow. Wipe down the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth to remove any coffee residue or dust that may accumulate. Additionally, take a moment to check the reservoir for any leftover water or coffee grounds and empty it as needed.

2. Descaling the Coffee Maker: Descaling is an essential part of coffee maker maintenance, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Over time, mineral deposits can build up in the machine, affecting the coffee’s taste and potentially causing performance issues. To descale the Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a descaling solution or a mixture of water and vinegar. This process will help remove mineral buildup and keep your coffee maker in top shape.

3. Cleaning the Water Reservoir: The removable 42oz water reservoir is easy to clean and refill. Regularly remove the reservoir and wash it with warm, soapy water to eliminate any residue or impurities that may affect the taste of your coffee. Ensure it’s completely dry before reinserting it into the coffee maker.

4. Cleaning the Drip Tray and Drip Tray Cover: The drip tray and drip tray cover are components that often come into contact with spilled coffee or water during the brewing process. To clean them, remove both pieces and wash them with warm, soapy water. You can also place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for added convenience.

5. Cleaning the Needle and K-Cup Holder: The needle that punctures the K-Cup and the K-Cup holder can accumulate coffee grounds and oils over time. It’s essential to keep these parts clean to ensure proper functioning and avoid clogs. To clean the needle, use a paperclip or the Keurig needle-cleaning tool (if provided with your machine) to gently remove any debris. You can also run a water-only brew cycle to flush out any remaining coffee residue from the needle and K-Cup holder.

6. Storage and Maintenance Tips: When not in use, store the coffee maker in a clean and dry location to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on its surface. To further protect it, consider using a coffee maker cover or a cloth to keep it dust-free when not in use for extended periods.

By following these simple maintenance and cleaning practices, you’ll ensure that your Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker consistently delivers delicious and fresh-brewed coffee. Regular maintenance not only preserves the quality of your coffee but also extends the longevity of your coffee maker, making it a reliable and long-lasting addition to your coffee routine.

Value for Money

The Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker is an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys both hot and iced coffee. Its Brew Over Ice technology delivers vibrant and flavorful iced coffee without any compromise on taste. The option to brew strong hot coffee adds versatility to your coffee-making experience. With its convenient features and energy-efficient design, this coffee maker offers great value for money.


  • Convenient Brew Over Ice technology for vibrant and balanced iced coffee.
  • Strong Brew setting for a bolder and more intense hot coffee experience.
  • Multiple cup sizes, accommodating individual preferences.
  • Removable reservoir for easy refilling and cleaning.
  • Iced tumbler friendly for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts.
  • Energy-efficient auto-off feature for energy savings.
  • Compatibility with My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter for ground coffee lovers.


  • Some users may find the coffee maker’s price point higher compared to other single-serve coffee machines.
  • The reliance on single-use pods may not align with environmentally conscious coffee drinkers.
Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker Review – Refreshing Iced Coffee & Flavorful Hot Coffee in One


The Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker has proven to be a versatile and practical addition to my coffee-loving lifestyle. Its Brew Over Ice technology ensures refreshing and non-diluted iced coffee, while the Strong Brew setting satisfies my craving for a bold hot coffee. With various cup sizes, removable reservoir, and user-friendly design, this coffee maker offers convenience and ease of use. Although some users may consider the initial cost and single-use pod usage, the Keurig K-Iced Coffee Maker’s value for money, energy efficiency, and compatibility with My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter make it a compelling choice. If you’re seeking a reliable and multitalented coffee maker that caters to both hot and iced coffee preferences, the Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker is undoubtedly worth considering.

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