Can I Drink Cold Coffee With Invisalign: Things You Need to Know When Wearing Invisalign Trays

Can I Drink Cold Coffee With Invisalign

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Thanks to the advancements in medicine and science, there are now different treatments or therapies for grooming yourself.

Invisalign treatment is one such option that will help to align the teeth.

Invisalign treatment is one such option that will help to align the teeth.

According to much research, it is evident that you cannot drink cold coffee with Invisalign. Regardless of how complex the beverage is, it is better to refrain from drinking it since this may lead to staining and tooth decay.

If you are wearing Invisalign, you are in the right place since this blog will enlighten you on some crucial facts.

Invisalign: Orthodontic Treatment 

Invisalign: Orthodontic Treatment 

First, you must have a clear idea about Invisalign treatment. Instead of a traditional metal brace, you now have Invisalign trays.

This tray is transparent and made using polyurethane resins. It will help align your teeth. Also, the clear brace will not let people notice you are wearing it. When necessary, you can remove the Invisalign tray.

Most importantly, there are certain precautions that you must take if you are going through Invisalign treatment.

Here you will get in-depth knowledge on drinking cold coffee with Invisalign.

Can I Drink Cold Coffee With Invisalign? Dentist’s Opinion

Can I Drink Cold Coffee With Invisalign? Dentist's Opinion

When taking medical (orthodontic) treatment, it is always essential to know about it from a professional’s point of view.

After researching here is a brief idea regarding drinking cold coffee with Invisalign. 

Although drinking cold coffee is not a big deal for ordinary people, this is “a matter of concern” for others wearing Invisalign.

You might know how addictive a cup of coffee is, especially for a coffee lover. Hence, skipping it might not boost the energy level.

Dentists and other professionals advise not to drink cold coffee with Invisalign. Furthermore, they unequivocally state that if you wear Invisalign, you should avoid drinking anything other than water with the tray.

Sometimes you might come across people who are ignorant and say that the coffee is not too cold to harm the Invisalign or their teeth.

In contrast, you must refrain from drinking coffee regardless of the temperature. 

Here you will also find some tips for drinking coffee while on Invisalign treatment.

Top 3 Reasons To Avoid Drinking Cold Coffee While Wearing Invisalign

Knowing that you cannot drink cold coffee with Invisalign is not sufficient.

It is also essential to have an understanding of why it is not safe.



Any drinks other than water may cause stains on the aligners.

Hence, a stained Invisalign tray will not give your teeth an appealing look.

Therefore, refrain from drinking colored drinks like coffee with the aligner.

Tooth Decay

You know that iced coffee might contain sugar and creamer.

When you drink this beverage, the liquid might seep between the aligner.

As a result, it will cause tooth decay.

Damaging Invisalign Tray

Like hot beverages that warp the aligner, cold coffee can also cause damage to your aligner.

Therefore, dentists recommend consuming drinks and water at room temperature. 

Tips For Coffee Lovers: How To Drink Coffee With An Invisalign Tray

Tips For Coffee Lovers: How To Drink Coffee With An Invisalign Tray

If someone says, you must stop drinking coffee when taking Invisalign treatment.

No, it is WRONG! A beverage like coffee is essential for boosting your energy.

So, you don’t have to stop it. Instead, take precautions if using Invisalign.

Coffee drinkers with Invisalign, here are some helpful hints!

Tip 1: Using A Straw

Suppose you are out and unable to remove your aligner. In such cases, using a straw will help you drink your coffee with Invisalign.

When drinking with the straw, ensure the beverage is not too hot or cold. After drinking, make sure to rinse your mouth with water.

Note: Professionals will not recommend using straws since it will only reduce staining and not eliminate it.

Tip 2: Removing Invisalign

Most professionals recommend removing the aligner when drinking anything apart from water.

When Is It Necessary To Remove The Invisalign Tray?

When Is It Necessary To Remove The Invisalign Tray?

As already mentioned, you must have the Invisalign trays for around 22 hours daily.

Hence, remove it only when you drink anything (except water).

Also, for oral hygiene, you must clean the tray using Invisalign aligner cleaning foam before re-inserting it.

When you remove the aligner, place it safely. Furthermore, follow the advice from your dentist when removing the Invisalign tray.

Can You Drink Hot Coffee While Wearing Invisalign?

Can You Drink Hot Coffee While Wearing Invisalign?

You might also need clarification about drinking hot coffee with Invisalign. Let’s discuss this topic briefly.

As previously mentioned, any beverage that is too hot can warp the aligner, so you cannot drink them with Invisalign.

Most people love to drink hot coffee.

If you are the same, your only option is to remove your aligner before drinking your hot coffee.

Unknowingly, if you have consumed hot coffee with the aligner, then don’t worry.

First, try brushing away the coffee stain.

Then ensure that you show your Invisalign tray to a dentist so that they can check it and let you know whether it is working effectively.

Outcomes Of Drinking Coffee With Invisalign

Be aware that drinking coffee while wearing Invisalign can result in the following outcomes:

  • You will need proper oral hygiene. As a result of improper hygiene, cavities will form in your teeth due to bacterial breeding. 
  • You will start noticing stains on your teeth and the aligner.
  • The aligner will get damaged. Hence, the treatment will take place less effectively. 

Therefore, it is important to follow the above tips when drinking coffee.


There are numerous benefits of using Invisalign to align your teeth.

At the same time, you must also take certain precautions to maintain your oral hygiene.

Considering these facts, this blog includes all the necessary facts you need to know about drinking cold coffee with Invisalign. 


Can I Drink Cold Coffee With a Straw?

Yes. You can drink cold coffee with a straw, but ensure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after consuming. 

Will Cold Coffee Damage The Aligner?

Yes. Cold coffee can damage the aligner by staining it.

Hence, use a straw or remove the aligner when drinking cold coffee.

Should I Stop Drinking Cold Coffee During Invisalign Treatment?

No. If you like coffee, you can continue to enjoy your daily cup of iced coffee while following the safety precautions.

Is it dangerous to drink coffee while wearing Invisalign?

Yes. Coffee consumption while wearing Invisalign can harm both the teeth and the aligner.

Accidentally consuming a sip of coffee with the aligner will not cause a significant impact.

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