Best High Tea in Edinburgh

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

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Welcome, fellow tea enthusiasts and seekers of indulgence, to an enchanting expedition through the crème de la crème of Edinburgh’s high tea scene. Imagine a world where delicate porcelain cups cradle the elixir of conversation, while tiers of exquisite delights beckon your taste buds to dance.

Prepare to be charmed by the regal allure of Palm Court at Balmoral, where every sip feels like a majestic decree. Venture deeper as we unravel the historical tapestry at Colonnades in the Signet Library, where flavors and stories intertwine in perfect harmony.

 Our journey doesn’t stop there; from the cozy retreat of Eteaket Tea Leaf Company to the fashionable rendezvous at Harvey Nichols, your taste adventure knows no bounds.

Intrigued? Hold onto your saucers as we transport you aboard the Red Bus Bristo and onto the waves with Fingal. The Ivy on the Square awaits with its floral elegance, Tigerlily with its modern twist, and the Georgian Tea Room at the Dome with its timeless allure.

Mimi’s Bake House offers sweet dreams, while Browns Edinburgh and Priestfield House redefine high tea with contemporary flair and a serene escape.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors, history, and sheer extravagance. Your guide to Edinburgh’s finest high tea experiences starts here, promising sips of delight, savory moments, and a journey worthy of the grandest of tea parties.

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Best High Tea in Edinburgh
Best High Tea in Edinburgh

Palm Court at Balmoral-Regal Reverie at Palm Court

Our journey commences in the lap of luxury at Palm Court, nestled within the iconic Balmoral. Immerse yourself in timeless opulence as you’re cocooned by ornate surroundings and impeccable service. Sip on the finest blends, letting the aromatic notes transport you.

From the first delicate sip to the last crumb of delectable pastries, Palm Court orchestrates an experience fit for royalty. Join us as we explore Edinburgh’s aristocratic affair with tea, one exquisite sip at a time.

Colonnades at the Signet Library-Literary Indulgence at Colonnades

Step into a world where tea and literature converge – Colonnades at the Signet Library. Amid shelves adorned with literary treasures, embark on a sensory journey that tantalizes both mind and palate. The ambiance, reminiscent of a bygone era, sets the stage for a symphony of flavors.

Indulge in carefully curated teas, each steeped in history, and elevate your taste experience with delicate pastries. As you sip and savor, you’re not just having tea; you’re weaving yourself into the pages of a story as old as time, making every moment a chapter to remember.

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

Eteaket Tea Leaf Company – Where Tea is an Art

Dive into a world of tea mastery at Eteaket Tea Leaf Company. This charming nook embraces tea as an art form, with a vibrant blend of tradition and innovation. From classic brews to daring infusions, each cup tells a flavorful tale. The cozy ambience invites exploration, and their knowledgeable tea sommeliers are your guides.

Immerse yourself in a sensory delight, where fragrant aromas and delightful blends dance on your palate. Eteaket is more than a tea stop; it’s an immersive experience that leaves you with a newfound appreciation for the leafy elixir.

Harvey Nichols – Tea with a Fashionable Twist

Elevate your teatime to haute couture at Harvey Nichols. Beyond the fashion emporium’s doors lies a tea haven that’s as stylish as it is indulgent. The sleek, modern setting offers a contemporary backdrop to a classic tradition.

Choose from a curated selection of teas, each sips a testament to refined taste. And let’s not forget the edible artistry – exquisite pastries that could grace any runway.

Whether you’re a trendsetter or a connoisseur, Harvey Nichols proves that tea isn’t just a beverage; it’s a chic statement, a moment of luxury that’s as tasteful as the finest couture.

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

All Aboard the Culinary Adventure – Red Bus Bristo

Hold onto your teacups as we embark on a whimsical journey with Red Bus Bristo. Buckle up, quite literally, for a unique high tea experience on wheels. This vintage double-decker bus takes you on a sightseeing escapade through Edinburgh’s charming streets, all while you indulge in a spread fit for royalty.

The city becomes your backdrop, history outside the window blending seamlessly with the history on your plate. It’s a delightful fusion of flavors and sights, a culinary adventure that proves tea can be enjoyed with a dash of playfulness and a side of panoramic views. All aboard for a tea time like no other!

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Fingal: A Nautical Tea Sojourn

Prepare to set sail on a high tea voyage like no other – welcome aboard Fingal, a luxurious floating hotel. Amid the maritime elegance of this former lighthouse tender, indulge in a tea experience that ebbs and flows with sophistication.

Let the gentle sway of the ship enhance each sip as you savor a carefully crafted menu. With views of Edinburgh’s waterscape as your backdrop, Fingal offers a tea escape that’s both serene and sumptuous.

From the open sea to your teacup, it’s a maritime rendezvous that takes high tea to uncharted depths of delight.

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

The Ivy on the Square: Elegance in Bloom

Step into a floral wonderland at The Ivy on the Square, where tea is infused with an enchanting garden atmosphere. Amidst lush greenery and delicate blossoms, a symphony of flavors unfolds. Sip on meticulously selected teas while savoring delectable bites that mirror the beauty around you.

It’s a sensory feast that marries taste and aesthetics, transforming your teatime into a picturesque escape. From the first sip to the final crumb, The Ivy on the Square transports you to a world where every moment is a sip of elegance and a bite of botanical bliss.

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Tigerlily: Urban Chic with a Twist:

Experience high tea with a modern edge at Tigerlily, where tradition meets urban cool. The vibrant, contemporary ambiance sets the stage for a tea affair like no other. Indulge in a fusion of classic and innovative flavors, as each cup and morsel is a work of art.

From the chic surroundings to the creative concoctions, Tigerlily redefines teatime as a stylish rendezvous. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a tea purist, this eclectic hotspot promises a sensory journey that’s as hip as it is haute. Get ready to sip, savor, and be pleasantly surprised at every turn.

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

Georgian Tea Room at the Dome: Timeless Elegance:

Transport yourself to a bygone era at the Georgian Tea Room, nestled within the iconic Dome. Here, history whispers through every sip, and grandeur envelops you like a warm embrace. Amidst elegant architecture, enjoy a refined tea selection accompanied by exquisite pastries.

The ambiance is a nod to tradition, inviting you to relish each moment in a space where time seems to slow down. As you raise your cup, you become part of a legacy of tea enthusiasts who have savored life’s simple, elegant pleasures in this timeless haven.

Sweet Delights at Mimi’s Bake House

Indulge your senses in a haven of confectionery magic – Mimi’s Bake House. With a whimsical touch, this charming spot celebrates the art of baking alongside your teatime. From delicate pastries to sumptuous cakes, each creation is a masterpiece of flavor and design.

The air is alive with the aroma of freshly baked wonders, inviting you to savor every bite. As you sip your tea amidst this sugary wonderland, you’ll find that Mimi’s adds a sprinkle of sweetness to your day, making it a place where dreams and desserts effortlessly intertwine.

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

Browns Edinburgh:Contemporary Flair –

Enter a realm where tradition meets modernity – Browns Edinburgh. This chic locale redefines high tea with a contemporary twist that’s both daring and delightful. Amidst sleek interiors, elevate your tea experience with inventive blends and innovative culinary creations.

From the first pour to the final nibble, Browns captures the essence of today’s tastes while honoring the essence of teatime rituals. It’s a symphony of flavors that resonates with the modern epicurean, reminding us that tea is not just a beverage, but an evolving art that harmonizes the old and the new.

Prestonfield House: Tranquil Escape

Our journey concludes in serenity at Prestonfield House, a haven of tranquility amidst the urban bustle. Tucked away in lush surroundings, this idyllic retreat invites you to unwind with a high tea experience that’s a balm for the soul.

The ambiance exudes timeless charm, allowing you to savor each sip and morsel in perfect harmony.

As you immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere, you’ll find that Priestfield House isn’t just a destination – it’s a respite, a moment of quiet reflection where tea becomes a meditative indulgence, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to face the world anew.

Best High Tea in Edinburgh

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for high tea?

The ideal time for high tea is generally in the mid-afternoon, around 3:00 to 5:00 PM. It bridges the gap between lunch and dinner, offering a perfect opportunity to indulge in a leisurely spread of tea, pastries, and savory treats.

Do you drink alcohol at high tea?

Traditional high tea does not typically include alcohol. It focuses on tea, pastries, and light snacks. However, some modern variations or themed high tea events might offer alcoholic beverages, like champagne or cocktails. It’s best to check with the specific venue or event for their offerings.

What is the first thing to eat at a high tea?

At a high tea, the first thing to eat is usually finger sandwiches. These delicate, crustless creations come in various fillings like cucumber, smoked salmon, egg salad, or chicken. They set the savory tone before indulging in the sweet treats and scones that follow in the multi-tiered presentation.

Why is British tea called high tea?

Contrary to popular belief, “high tea” is not a refined affair but originated as a substantial, early evening meal for working-class people in Britain. It was served at a high table after returning from work. The term “high” referred to the taller, dining table used, distinguishing it from the lower tea tables used for afternoon tea.

What is lunch called in England?

In England, lunch is commonly referred to as “lunch.” It’s a midday meal that can vary in size and content, ranging from light sandwiches and salads to more substantial hot dishes. The term “lunch” is used similarly to how it’s used in many other English-speaking countries to denote the midday meal.

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