Can You Have Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast? Read This Before Drinking Decaf Coffee!

Can You Have Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast

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Coffee is an energy-boosting beverage that also becomes an addiction. Many coffee lovers consider their morning cup of coffee mandatory, and it has become a part of their routine.

Hence, skipping coffee might be hard for these people. In contrast, if you are on the Daniel fast, you cannot drink coffee as it is prohibited.

Anyway, people consider taking alternative beverages, like decaf coffee, on the Daniel diet. However, you must know whether it is allowed before drinking decaffeinated beverages.

There is a list of food items that you can consume on the Daniel fast. This list does not include any caffeinated beverages.

Since decaf coffee is produced using coffee beans that are 97% decaffeinated, this beverage contains only 7 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. 

Even decaf coffee is not included in the Daniel Diet List as it is not 100% caffeine-free. As this is a tiny quantity and will not significantly impact your health, according to some studies, you may include decaf coffee on the Daniel food list. 

The choice of having decaf coffee in the Daniel diet is yours.

What is Daniel Fast?

What is Daniel Fast?

The book of Daniel in the Bible mentions the short-term fasting process. This is the fasting experience of the prophet Daniel. Hence this spiritual fasting is termed “Daniel Fat or “the Daniel diet.”

As an act of sacrifice and worship, Daniel Fast restricted eating other foods except for plant-based meals. This fasting is for 21 days, with no restriction on when you must eat. Instead, focusing on what food items are allowed would be best. 

The Daniel fast will help to gain wisdom, spiritual understanding, favor, knowledge, and a better appearance.

Daniel Fast Food List

Daniel Fast Food List

Before discussing whether you can have decaf coffee on the Daniel fast, let’s look at the list of meals that you are allowed to consume during this time.

  • Whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Beans and legumes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Soy products
  • Oils
  • Herbs, spices, and seasoning
  • Water
  • Unleavened bread
  • 100% fruit juice

While those mentioned above are some food items that you can consume during the Daniel fast, on the other hand, you must also know about the foods that are not allowed.

Animal products, leavened bread, sweeteners, deep-fried foods, solid fats, refined and processed foods, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and chocolate are a few things that are prohibited.

Hence the Daniel fast is a vegan diet on which you must avoid refined carbs, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine.

Can You Drink Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast?

Can You Drink Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast?

Often, many people believe that decaf coffee is 100% decaffeinated, which is untrue. Instead, decaf coffee is 97% decaffeinated, so it is not completely caffeine-free.

As mentioned previously, Daniel fast food list does not include any caffeinated beverages. So can you have decaf coffee on the Daniel fast? 

Some studies mention that you cannot have decaf coffee while on the Daniel fast because it is not caffeine-free. At the same time, some researchers have found that decaf coffee contains a tiny amount of caffeine, often negligible. As this caffeine content will not impact your health, you can consume decaf coffee while fasting.

If you are a coffee lover, skipping it will be quite challenging. So the better option is to switch to an alternative like decaf coffee.

How to Cut Your Daily Coffee During the Daniel Fast

How to Cut Your Daily Coffee During the Daniel Fast

Imagine you are a coffee addict who needs a daily cup of coffee to start the day. Coffee will boost your energy and keep you focused.

You might have to skip your coffee to limit your caffeine intake. Yes, the Daniel fast is one such instance where you must skip consuming coffee for 21 days.

This might be a challenging task as coffee becomes part of your routine. Understandably, quitting coffee all of a sudden is not possible.

Hence, gradually, you can start switching to decaf coffee. Start to taper off caffeine intake at least a week before the Daniel fast. This will help to make the process less debilitating.

In a single day, cutting your entire caffeine intake will be hard. So, gradually reduce the caffeine instead of including decaf.

Initially, you can reduce the caffeine content by 25% of regular coffee by replacing it with decaf. The next day, you can reduce the caffeine and use more decaf. When it is time to start the Daniel fast, you will have completely stopped drinking coffee.

Instead, you would take decaf coffee.

How to Make Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast

How to Make Decaf Coffee on the Daniel Fast

Drinking decaf coffee is considerably fine when you are on the Daniel diet. In contrast, it is also essential to know how to make decaf coffee when you are fasting.

As the Daniel diet does not include sugar or any sweeteners, you must not add creamer or sugar to your decaf coffee.

Since decaf coffee contains almost all the advantages of regular coffee, this beverage will help keep you fit during fasting.

Apart from decaf coffee, you can drink plenty of water and 100% fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated.

Bottom Line

Now you might have an understanding of drinking decaf coffee during Daniel fast. To avoid caffeine altogether, you must look for other decaffeinated beverages, as decaffeinated coffee contains 7mg of caffeine per 8 ounces.

However, many researchers mention that decaf coffee is allowed on Daniel’s diet as this beverage’s caffeine content will not impact your health.

For some people, skipping coffee will be fine. In contrast, for coffee addicts, this will be an extremely challenging task.

Since skipping caffeinated beverages may cause leg cramps, headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Therefore, you can gradually switch to decaf coffee before starting the Daniel fast. By reading the blog, you might understand whether to drink decaf coffee on the Daniel quickly or not. Hence, the choice is yours!


Can I Mix Regular Coffee with Decaf Coffee During Daniel Fast?

No, you cannot mix regular coffee with decaf coffee when on the Daniel fast.

Since the Daniel diet does not include any caffeinated beverages, you are not allowed to drink regular coffee. Instead, you can drink decaf coffee without adding sweeteners.

Can I Add Sugar to My Fruit Juice While on the Daniel Diet?

No, although 100% fruit juice is allowed during Daniel fast.

In contrast, sugar or any other sweeteners are not allowed. So you cannot add sugar to the fruit juice.

Is Daniel Fast Plant-Based Diet?

Yes, the Daniel Fast is a plant-based diet that completely avoids animal-based meals.

Moreover, the Daniel fast is not just a diet. It is a partial fast that includes religious prayers.

What Are Some Additional Things You Can Give Up During the Daniel Fast?

Besides animal-based meals, you can also give up watching TV, scrolling social media, skipping soda, and Starbucks.

Instead, invest your time in prayers or other fruitful activities.

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