Best High Tea in London With a View

Best High Tea in London With a View

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Welcome, lovely readers, to a tantalizing journey through the crème de la crème of London’s high tea scene, where scrumptious treats meet sweeping vistas.

If you’re anything like me, the mere mention of high tea makes you sit up straighter and polish your best table manners. But add a stunning view to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a match made in scone heaven.

In this epic quest for the best high tea spots in London with views that could make even Big Ben envious, we’ll be sipping, savoring, and nibbling our way through towering landmarks and riverside delights.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur, a skyline admirer, or just someone on the hunt for a fancy outing (Instagram-worthy pics, anyone?)Fasten your seatbelts—or, should I say, your bibs—as we explore soaring Shard experiences, riverside indulgences, and quirky spots that Shakespeare himself

might have frequented. So, tighten that belt (room for more treats, you know), and let’s tea-riffically dive into London’s high tea wonders!

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Best High Tea in London With a View
Best High Tea in London With a View

Aqua Shard

Our high tea odyssey kicks off with a regal elevation – the Aqua Shard. Perched like a majestic crown jewel atop Western Europe’s tallest building, this spot isn’t just about tea; it’s a voyage into the clouds.

As you nibble on delicate pastries and sip fragrant brews, London’s iconic skyline unfolds below. The Thames meanders, bridges connect, and bustling life looks like a miniature playset.

It’s as if Mary Poppins herself orchestrated this experience. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having tea on the 31st floor, among clouds that taste suspiciously like clotted cream, Aqua Shard beckons with open arms – and breathtaking views.

The Library at County Hall

Dear reader, prepare to step back in time and savor tea in a room that whispers secrets from centuries past. The Library at County Hall, nestled beside the River Thames, oozes old-world charm.

Imagine sinking into plush chairs surrounded by shelves laden with leather-bound tomes, as sunlight dances through grand windows. This isn’t just high tea; it’s a literary affair with pastries.

Your taste buds will tango with exquisite treats while London’s heartbeats echo outside. If you’ve ever yearned for a page-turning tea experience, let The Library sweep you into its tale of flavors and views – a chapter you won’t soon forget.

Best High Tea in London With a View

Ting at Shangri La

Elevating our journey – both in altitude and luxury – is Ting at Shangri-La, perched like a gastronomic gem on the 35th level. Prepare to be tingled by sensations as you indulge in tea fit for royalty, surrounded by plush elegance and panoramic cityscapes.

The name itself is a play on the Chinese word for “living room,” but this is a living room with an envy-inducing view. You’ll find yourself torn between gazing at London’s iconic skyline and gorging on delectable pastries.

It’s a high tea that’s not just high in location but in opulence and experience too. So, ready to Ting-le your taste buds and senses?

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The Petersham

Venturing riverside, we arrive at The Petersham – a charming escape that offers not just a view, but a verdant embrace. Nestled along the Thames, this oasis of taste and tranquility sets the stage for a serene high tea affair.

Imagine sipping your brew amidst floral elegance, with the gentle rustling of leaves as your background score. The pastries, like edible art, vie for your attention, while the river’s gentle flow competes with the clinking of tea cups.

If you seek a tea-time haven where nature and gastronomy unite, The Petersham is your secret garden of delight, awaiting your senses’ exploration.

Best High Tea in London With a View

The Tower Hotel

Prepare to have your tea cravings crowned with a majestic view as we make our way to The Tower Hotel. Perched near the historic Tower Bridge, this high tea haven offers a window into London’s royal past and modern marvels.

Sip on perfectly brewed tea while the city’s pulse reverberates around you. The bridge’s architectural grace and the river’s shimmering embrace make for the ultimate backdrop to your culinary escapade.

From finger sandwiches to fluffy scones, every bite comes with a side of iconic panorama. The Tower Hotel isn’t just about tea; it’s an invitation to dine like royalty, all while London curtsies at your feet.

Oxo Tower Restaurant

Hold onto your teacups as we ascend to the Oxo Tower Restaurant, where high tea reaches new heights – both in taste and visual feast. Perched along the Thames, this sleek spot presents a modern twist on tradition.

Here, scones and sweets share the spotlight with urban chic. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame London’s dynamic skyline, turning your tea sipping into a stylish spectacle.

As you savor delicate pastries, watch the city’s rhythm unfold below. If you’re seeking high tea that’s a fusion of elegance and urban pulse, Oxo Tower Restaurant is ready to serve you a cup of London’s cosmopolitan charm.

Best High Tea in London With a View

Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe

To tea or not to tea? That is not even a question when it comes to Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe. Nestled in the iconic theater’s embrace, this high tea spot adds a touch of the Bard to your brew.

Enjoy a slice of literary history as you savor delectable treats and gaze upon the Thames, where the drama of London unfolds.

The city’s skyline mingles with echoes of Elizabethan times, making for a tea experience that’s nothing short of a Shakespearean sonnet. So, brace yourself for a literary-infused, panoramic sip of London – a stage where flavors and views steal the limelight.

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Sky Lounge

Elevating our tea journey, we soar to the Sky Lounge – a name that promises lofty indulgence, and boy, does it deliver! Situated high above the city, this haven perched atop a prestigious hotel boasts a tea experience that’s as heavenly as the name suggests.

Sip on the finest brews while gazing across London’s urban sprawl – a twinkling quilt that spreads before you. Whether its sunrise painting the sky or city lights putting on a shimmering show, every moment here is infused with a touch of magic.

Sky Lounge is where tea meets the stars, leaving you starry-eyed and steeped in contentment.

Best High Tea in London With a View

Browns Butlers Wharf

Hop aboard our tea-rrific adventure as we dock at Brown’s Butler’s Wharf. This riverside gem serves up high tea with a side of history. Imagine sipping tea where tea-laden ships once docked, all while the Thames whispers tales of bygone eras.

The ambiance here is a blend of vintage charm and contemporary comfort, making it the perfect setting to savor delicate pastries and robust brews.

As you indulge, gaze upon Tower Bridge, standing proud like a sentinel over time. Browns Butlers Wharf isn’t just a tea stop; it’s a sip of London’s maritime past and picturesque present, all in one cup.

Chelsea Harbour Hotel

Our high tea voyage now sails us to the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, where luxury and leisure collide. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea’s picturesque marina, this elegant haven is a treat for the senses.

Imagine savoring dainty pastries and teas while yachts sway gently in the breeze. The view is a maritime masterpiece—a symphony of sails and the river’s shimmering embrace.

Whether you’re a nautical enthusiast or simply seeking a serene escape, Chelsea Harbour Hotel lets you dine like a sailor of sophistication, where each bite is a brushstroke of flavor against London’s maritime canvas.

Best High Tea in London With a View

The Ivy Tower Bridge

Brace yourself for a tea experience that bridges the gap between timeless elegance and contemporary flair – welcome to The Ivy Tower Bridge.

Set against the backdrop of the iconic Tower Bridge, this high tea spot seamlessly fuses old-world charm with metropolitan allure. Sip on perfectly steeped brews and relish mouthwatering delicacies while the bridge’s majesty frames your feast.

The ambiance is a harmonious dance between tradition and modernity, a reflection of London’s own character. With every bite, you’re not just tasting tea; you’re savoring the city’s essence in a symphony of flavors and views.

Macdonald Old England Hotel

Next stop on our tea expedition: the enchanting Macdonald Old England Hotel. Nestled by Lake Windermere, this isn’t your typical London setting, but it’s a journey well worth taking.

Imagine sipping tea surrounded by the Lake District’s tranquil beauty – a nature lover’s dream come true. Mountains mirror in the lake’s serene surface, and as you savor pastries, you’re in a tranquil tête-à-tête with nature itself.

It’s high tea in the lap of Northern England’s charm, a picturesque pause from the urban hustle. Macdonald Old England Hotel proves that when it comes to tea, even the lakes have a tale to tell.

Best High Tea in London With a View

Minster Mill

Leaving cityscapes behind, our tea quest takes a serene turn to Minster Mill. Tucked away in the Cotswolds, this idyllic retreat offers high tea in nature’s embrace.

Picture yourself amidst rustic elegance, with the soothing sounds of the River Windrush as your backdrop. Here, tea isn’t just a treat; it’s a journey into the countryside’s heart.

Sip on fragrant blends, nibble on delicate confections, and feel the stresses of urban life melt away. If you’re seeking an escape where tea is accompanied by birdsong and riverside whispers, Minster Mill is your invitation to savor tranquility, one sip at a time.

The Scarlet

Prepare for a high tea experience that paints outside the lines of tradition – welcome to The Scarlet. Perched atop a Cornish cliff, this eco-friendly haven offers more than just a view; it’s an artistic immersion.

Sip on tea while the Atlantic Ocean performs a mesmerizing ballet below. The ambiance is a blend of modern design and rugged nature, making each bite a culinary masterpiece.

As you indulge in sweets and sips, you’re greeted by panoramic sea views that stretch your imagination. The Scarlet is a canvas where flavor, art, and nature harmonize – a feast for both palate and soul.

Best High Tea in London With a View

Mercure Manchester Piccadilly

Our final stop takes us to the bustling heart of Manchester – Mercure Manchester Piccadilly. Amidst the urban buzz, this high tea spot offers a blend of cosmopolitan charm and northern warmth.

Sip on your favorite brew while the city’s rhythm plays out below. The view might not be the stereotypical London skyline, but it’s a reflection of Manchester’s vibrant character.

As you relish pastries and sandwiches, you’re partaking in a taste of the north, where tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a moment to savor Mancunian spirit and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tea is famous in London?

Earl Grey tea is one of the most famous teas associated with London. This fragrant black tea is flavored with bergamot, a citrus fruit. It’s named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and former British Prime Minister.

The tea’s distinct aroma and taste have made it a classic choice for tea enthusiasts in London and beyond.

What is the difference between afternoon tea and high tea in London?

Afternoon tea and high tea in London differ in their origins, timing, and formality. Afternoon tea, a more elegant tradition, typically takes place between 3 pm and 5 pm. It features delicate finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and tea.

High tea, often confused with elegance, is heartier and served around 5 p.m. to 7 pm. It includes substantial dishes like meats, pies, and cakes, catering to a more working-class audience.

Best High Tea in London With a View

What is the most luxurious tea?

Da-Hong Pao” or “Big Red Robe” is often considered one of the most luxurious and sought-after teas in the world.

It’s an oolong tea from the Wuyi Mountains in China. With a rich history and limited availability due to the rarity of the tea bushes it comes from, Da-Hong Pao can command extremely high prices in the market, making it a symbol of luxury and prestige among tea connoisseurs.

Why is Da-Hong Pao so expensive?

Da-Hong Pao’s high price is attributed to its rarity, complex production process, and cultural significance. The tea comes from a few ancient tea bushes in the Wuyi Mountains, making its supply extremely limited. The intricate traditional crafting methods, roasting, and aging contribute to its unique flavors.

Its history as a tribute tea and its association with Chinese culture and heritage add to its premium value in the market.

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